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February 2010 Issue

CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS (NOV 1, 2009--JAN 31, 2010 Nov 1:          An LeT Comdr was eliminated in Mahore, Reasi. Four children were injured as they fiddled with an explosive device at Noona Bindi in Poonch. Two cops were killed as terrorists struck in Srinagar city. Union Home Minister said

The journey of pilgrimage for Baba Ramdev as followed in Sindh

By Sanjay Godbole February 2010 Baba Ramdev, the most venerable for the majority of Hindus in the Sindh Province of Pakistan, has relationship with the Rajputana Province in India. In the Tomar dynasty of Delhi, which is also called Tunvar’, there was a king called ‘Anangpai’. In the year 14

Concessions …

Concessions to Separatists will jeopardise security of minorities KS Correspondent February 2010 JAMMU, Jan 29: Describing the advocates of concessions to separatists and Pakistan as the overground workers of separatism in the state, Panun Kashmir Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo and reputed political

The whole nation should apologise to Kashmiri Pandits–Gen. Sinha

PANUN KASHMIR NATIONAL CONVENTION DELHI 2009 KS Correspondent February 2010 Issue DELHI, Dec 27: Hundreds of delegates attended the annual national convention of Panun Kashmir at Chinmaya Auditorium at Lodhi Road, New Delhi on Dec. 27, 2009. All the delegates condemned the unilateral submission

Indian State Leaning in support of Separatists—Panun Kashmir

KS Correspondent February 2010 JAMMU, Dec 14: Drawing parallels between the "Quiet Diplomacy" and the political process initiated by the British Government with the Muslim League before 1947, Panun Kashmir has expressed its deep concern on the development and warned the Indian state that any atte

Quiet Diplomacy draws flak

By S.M. Pandit February 2010 JAMMU, Dec 22:  Government of India's initiative of "Quiet Diplomacy" came under sharp criticism at a seminar "Quiet Diplomacy—The Nationalist Concerns" organised by Panun Kashmir at Press Club here today. The speakers doubted the sincerity of the GoI as it has unde

Accession of J&K State to India is Irrevocable

By L. C. Kaul It is not unoften that leaders of some political parties and ministers and others, in India and Pakistan and other countries, put forth suggestions, to resolve Kashmir imbroglio,. Unfortunately they do not take into consideration, basic issues and facts and historical events which hav

A famous Chinese Scholar in Kashmir

By Mohan Kishen Tiku A famous Chinese pilgrim and scholar "Heun Tsiang" reached Kashmir from Urausha (Hazara) now in Pakistan in about 631AD. He stayed here for more than two years to study the Buddhist and Sanskrit lore. He travelled for more than sixteen years (629-645 AD), through India and Cent

Jammu & Kashmir: Noorani worse than Justice Sageer Ahmed

by Prof Hari Om February 2010  “Noted legal luminary” A G Noorani has once again been given invaluable space by a magazine of repute (Frontline) to launch a scathing attack on the integrationists and plead the case of Kashmiri separatists and communalists. His latest anti-India essay is on th


Pratybhijjna-From Scriptures to Kashmir Shaivism to Lalla Ded Vakh By Prof. M.L. Koul February 2010 The Doctrine of Pratyabhijjna is a highly significant development in the theory and practice of Kashmir Shaivism. It is neither a school of Kashmir Shaivism nor is it a sub-trend within its matrix.

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