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October-December 2010 Issue

CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS Oct.1:  8 Terrorists and a cop were killed as Army foiled intrusion bids in the valley. Seven person including two video-journalists were injured in violence even though curfew was clamped in view of court verdict on Ayodhya. Oct. 2: Two HUJI terrorists were arrested in Dacha

Separatists misusing …

Separatists misusing freedom of Expression-PK (Text of the statement issued during media interaction addressed jointly by Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Dr. M.K. Teng and Sh. O.N.Trisal on 29th Nov, 2010 at Jammu) Panun Kashmir takes seriously the campaign started by the separatist forces of Jammu and Kash

Homeland Day

Pandits Commemorate Homeland Day K.S. Correspondent JAMMU, Dec 28: Panun Kashmir held a massive ‘Scooter-Car Rally’ to commemorate the HOMELAND DAY. The Rally that started from the PK office culminated at the Press Club, Jammu. It was on this day in1991 that Kashmiri Pandits passed the histori

Cholistan – The Inside Story

By Sanjay Godbole January 2011 Bahawalpur is a city in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. This city is situated at a distance of 90 k.m. from Multan and 420 km. from Lahore. One comes across a desert, called ‘Cholistan’ at a distance of 30 km. from Bahawalpur. In the past, an ancient rive

Philosophy-A synoptic view

By Prof. M.L. Koul January 2011 Be it said in all fairness that philosophy in India did not begin as an independent segment of human investigation. It actually overlapped with religion which to a large extent concealed it under a covering of myths & credos but never hampered it from assumi

Revisit Policy

Revisit Policy vis-a-vis Kashmiri Pandits By S.M. Pandit January 2011 There have been three significant judgments or interventions by three different courts vis-à-vis Kashmiri migrants recently. The first judgment was delivered by The Delhi High Court. The judgment was delivered on a bunch of p

Making Sense

Making Sense of What is Happening in Jammu and Kashmir KS Correspondent January 2011 NEW DELHI, Dec 26: Addressing the theme "Making sense of what is happening in Kashmir", Panun Kashmir organized a seminar on 26 Dec, 2010, at India International Centre in New Delhi. The Seminar was attended

The tragedy of being a Kashmiri Pandit

By Amit Bamzai January 2011 Even now I remember the day vividly it was an hot and sultry April afternoon, the ringing school bell indicated that it was time to pack your bags and leave towards the amniotic safety of a heaven called Home. As I stepped out of the mammoth black gate of my school ‘

The Right to Define our Place

By Dileep Kumar Kaul January 2011 We have the habit of taking public space for granted as if it has continuously been there. Yet public space is always the expression of the intentions of some person or institution. Purposes are given to a place by a person or institution and it is put forward as

Pak- Kashmir Separatists’ axis

Is Pak- Kashmir Separatists’ axis coming un struck? By M.M. Khajooria January 2011 Unfamiliar voices were being heard from familiar personages in Kashmir separatist front.  Skeletons were tumbling out of  closets kept securely locked till the other day.  Forbidden words bordering on bla

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