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Return of displaced Hindus …

Return of displaced Hindus to Kashmir the only problem Prof. Hari Om January 2011 New Delhi has wasted enough of its time in Kashmir and achieved nothing whatsoever. Kashmir continues to simmer and pose a grave challenge to the national unity and the very idea of India. In fact, the situation


Geelani is playing ‘fraud’ with Kashmiri youth By J N Raina January 2011 There is no dearth of fusspots in Kashmir. Wrinkled with age, Syed Ali Geelani, leading a hard-line faction of the Hurriyat Conference, has been treating India as a banana republic. In an attempt to tyrannize the secur

Introspection or Political Positioning

January 2011 In subversive political cultures the political class excels in competitive deception. Mortal adversaries can live comfortably as friends for years and friends can do a volte face in no time and turn into enemies. The politics practised in such a culture has circles within the circles a

Return Policy

Don't touch them for the time being Dr Ajay Chrungoo January 2011 On December 5, 2010, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, formally issued the recruitment orders for the displaced Kashmiri Hindu youth, selected as per the Prime Minister's Package for relief and rehabilitation

The Tradition of Lalla Ded

By Prof. M.L. Koul November 2010 'Lalla-Ded wrote her poetry with fury and passion and even with intellectual arrogance. Her poetry came to her in a fit of emotions,

Martyr’s Day

Panun Kashmir holds Massive Protest Rally KS Correspondent November 2010 JAMMU, Sep 14: Panun Kashmir organised a massive protest rally at Press Club, Jammu to observe the Martyrs' Day. The rally was organised to pay tributes to the martyrs and register protest against the failure of the governm

August-September 2010 Issue

CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS Aug 1:  Seven people were killed and many injured as violence continued in Valley; a tehsil office, a police post and govt. vehicles were set albaze as protesters  continued to damage public property. Two OGWs were nabbed in Doda. Appealing for peace, Omar Abdullah said that

Mohan Raina

Mohan Raina - designer of the State Emblem By Mohan Kishen Tiku November 2010 Mohan Raina was born in Srinagar in the year 1928 in the house of Pandit Shiv Raina. Shiv had a good reputation as a drawing-teacher. His son Mohan Raina learned A.B.C. of art and drawing from his father. He worked har

Accession Day celebrated

KS Correspondent November 2010 JAMMU, Oct 26: The Accession Day-26th October, 2010 was a different experience for Jammu people as the day was celebrated as a national festival this year. People were wonderstruck to witness the celebrations like of a Republic or Independence Day as Jammu wore a


Sakshaatkaar Evokes Unprecedented Response By S.M. Pandit November 2010 Sakshaatkaar-An Encounter with Truth- Photo Exhibition evoked unprecedented response as thousands of people witnessed it at the two venues in Jammu. The Photo-Exhibition was organised by Panun Kashmir at Invitation Banquet H

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