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J&K alarmingly corrupt

J&K alarmingly corrupt: TI PDS, Power, PHE ‘meritorious’ Syed Junaid Hashmi April 2011 JAMMU, Mar 16: After dropping a bombshell in the year 2005 by ranking Jammu and Kashmir as country’s second most corrupt state, Transparency International (TI) has dubbed the state as ‘alarmingl

Engagement with Pakistan

Engagement with Pakistan amounts to capitulation - Panelists By S M Pandit April 2011 Jammu, April 10:  India-Pak Engagement: Squandering the Advantage India-Pak engagement at the government as well as track-2 level came under sharp criticism at a seminar “India-Pak Engagement: Squandering t

December 2010-January 2011 Issue

Chronology of Events Dec.8:  An LeT terrorist was killed and another managed his escape in the Sopore encounter while the Army Captain injured in the encounter succumbed to his injuries. Omar Abdullah said that due notice has been taken of Sham Lal’s Azadi statement and the action will be taken

Mirpur massacre of 1947

Mirpur massacre of 1947 By Dr. Ram Chander Sharma April 2011 After the Timur massacre of Delhi in 1358, the massacre of Mirpur a bustling trade centre and historic walled city of Jammu and Kashmir now in Pak Occupied Kashmir on 25th of Nov. 1947 was the worst massacre of Indian history. As the of

The Preceptor of Yoga

The Preceptor of ‘Yoga’ in Pakistan -Shahbaz Khan By Sanjay Godbole April 2011 Some readers may fee! surprised. if a Statement is made that the ‘Yoga’ is popular in Pakistan and that the curriculum there Covers teaching of various Yogic postures (Yogasanas). It is a fact all the same. Gu

Astrology – A New Meaning

By G. K. Gurtu April 2011 Astrology has been in the news from time to time. It is being aired on many TV Channels. But I have a feeling that we are missing the woods because of the trees. I am of the view that it is a moot point whether astrology is a science –exact or otherwise – or an art

Do not Write A History

Do not Write A History Except that of Your Exile By Tej Nath Dhar April 2011 Mahmoud Darwish is one of the most notable Palestinian poets and prose writers, who has published over thirty volumes of poetry and eight books of prose. Named after one of the sections in it, Journal of an Ordinary Gri

The Islamist Impulse

The Islamist Impulse Haunting Pakistan By Ashok K. Behuria April 2011 It is a truism to say that the elite in Pakistan has used Islam to perpetuate its hold on power ever since the state came into being in 1947. The judiciary in Pakistan has been the latest to emphasise its Islamist credentials

Sufi Militants Struggle

Sufi Militants Struggle with Deobandi Jihadists in Pakistan By Arif Jamal April 2011 As Punjab governor Salman Taseer came out of a restaurant in an upscale area of Islamabad, one of his bodyguards uttered the slogan “Allahu Akbar” and fired on the man he was supposed to guard, killing him o

Instrument of merger

‘Instrument of merger’ was not must for Kashmir By J N Raina April 2011 While epoch-making changes come about globally, an environment of negativity continues to prevail in Kashmir, denying its denizens a decent and unfettered life. Some diehard elements, feigning as well-wishers of Kashmi

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