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The Lalded Consciousness

By Dileep Kumar Kaul April 2011 The Kashmir we see today is the result of many political contestations. What is most tragic is that Kashmir is still visualized as a place in terms of these political contestations. The primary contestation is between Hindu and Muslim consciousnesses. Muslims are

Peace Process – Hidden Agenda

By Dr. M.K. Teng April 2011 Now that the Government of India has repeated its Sharam-ul-Sheikh performance at Thimpu and offered to resume the composite dialogue with Pakistan, virtually jumping over the stand it had taken in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Mumbai, there is much more tha

We have to change our neighbours

April 2011 Prime Minister has had his way. Government India has finally given a go ahead to an unconditional dialogue with Pakistan. It has accepted the frame work which the Pakistan has been seeking to impose on India.  The retreat which the Prime Minister of India made after promising an uncond

Indian Philosophy-A synoptic View-II

Prof. M.L. Koul April 2011 A way of thinking which enables one rationally to understand the reality experiened by self-fulfilled personalities, and thereby to lead one to realisation of truth. In this light, philosophy is seen as art of life and not a theory a bout the universe". Despite such vie

Maha Shivratri-Revisiting Kashmiri Ritual Variants-XII

By Upender Ambardar April 2011 The indigenous uniqueness and amazing diversity of the rituals have added grandeur, magnificence and richness to the Shivratri festival. They portray diverse and distinct phases within the dynamics of historical and cultural continuity of our existence, observed Sh.

Return: Progression towards Destruction

By Dr Ajay Chrungoo April 2011 The Weirdness There is a perceptible weirdness in the handling of the issue of return of Kashmiri Hindus by the state government. The Relief Commissioner of the state government recently came out with the figures of 1069 employees having joined their jobs in the val

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