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Who discovered Amarnath ?

By  M.M. Munshi It has been clearly documented in history that Amar Nath Shrine has been visited by pilgrims since ancient times including a ruler of Kashmir between 34 BC and 17AD . (Kalhana’s Rajtarangini Book II . Verses 130-141). Narrative of Amarnath Mahatmyas and other related compos

Three Forgotten Tirthas in Shambles

by Arjan Dev Majboor Kashmir has been a place of attraction from centuries. Dr. Raghu Nath Singh who translated Jonaraja's Rajtarangini into Hindi says that there were three hundred famous Tirthas in Kashmir, visited by the locals and pilgrims from India and other Foreign lands. Kalhana, the famou

Kaptesvara Tirtha: History and Legend

Dr. R.K. Tamiri Many pilgrimages lose their importance over time. Presently pilgrimmages to the holy cave of Lord Amarnath and the shrine of Tulmulla have the greatest sanctity for Kashmiri Hindus. Visits to Sarada shrine, Harmukta ganga, Bheda tirtha and Papsudana-Kaptesvara spring were highly reve

The Forgotten Tirtha of Gangodbheda

Where Saraswati appeared as Rajhansi By M.M. Munshi According to Kalhana in the three worlds the jewel producing earth is so extolled in the region of Kubera where the Kasyapa’s land (Kasmira) is enclosed by the father of Gauri - the Himal parbat. Where out of respect for Kasyapa the sun does n

The sacred shrine of Shiva Vijayeshvara, Bijbehara, Kashmir

By Virendra Bangroo The town of Bijbehara or Vijbror is 28 miles from Srinagar and two and a half miles from district headquarters Anantnag. Vijbhor is derived from Vijayeshwar and was the site of an ancient sacred shrine of Shiva Vijayeshvara. The site was one of the famous tirthas of Kashmir. Th

Sodaratiratha : Myth, Legend and History

By Dr. Ramesh Kumar Background: For Kashmiri Hindus all the images erected by the sages and all the great lakes in Kashmir are holy. Regular pilgrimages to these places have formed an integral part of their socio-religious history. Naran Nag, located at the foot of steep Butsher mountain leading to

Hindu Shrines in the district Pulwama, Kashmir

The origin of civilized society originates in the villages, where people of different identities interact for mutual benefit, self sufficiency and autonomy. All villages outwardly appear to be similar but each has its core a soul which is as distinct as one finger print from the other. There are wha

Bala Devi of Balahama, Srinagar

Isht Devi of Dogra Rulers By Virendra Bangroo INTRODUCTION : Ancient Hindu Shrines in Kashmir are under constant threat of oblivion either due to neglect or destruction. The village Balhama named after the Goddess Bala Devi is thirteen kilometers from Srinagar and is surrounded by the village Wuy

Konsarnag – Myth, Legend and History

Naubandhana Tirtha Dr. R.K. Tamiri It was in summer (July) of 1982 that I visited the enchanting high altitude lake of Konsarnag. A decade and a half later when I drifted into the field of folkloristics and history I ‘discovered’ that in my trek to this beautiful lake I had accomplished the pil

Lolab Valley: Shrines and Legends

By Dr. R.K. Tamiri Lolab, one of the most beautiful valleys of Kashmir, is located to the north-east of Srinagar. This valley, 15 miles long and 3 miles wide, is traversed by stream Lahwal, which flows down from the surrounding hills. Lolab has many pasture lands and a rich forest cover. Presently,

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