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Tribal Invasion: An American Reportage

Margaret Bourke-White was a correspondent and photographer with American magazine LIFE. She authored many books, based on her coverage of Africa, England, France, China, Russia, Italy and Germany during the Second World War. Bourke-White also covered tribal invasion of J&K in 1947-48. Her repor

Battle of Shalteng

How Srinagar was saved in 1947 By M. M. Munshi The division of the British administrated provinces as it eventually took place was on the basis of political considerations. Certain areas i. e Eastern part of Bengal, and western part of Punjab which were predominantly Muslim populated were allott

The Role of Ichamma Front in Saving Srinagar

By Raman Kumar Bhat The heroic role played by brave people like Major Som Nath Sharma and his fellow soldiers in defending Srinagar airfield in 1947 has received good attention from historians. Unfortunately, the chronicles penned down by military historians do not focus on the supportive role pl

Saviors of Leh

By M.M. Munshi When Soviet Russia took virtual control of Sinkiang (Xinjiang) in 1935 the British Indian administration came to an agreement with the Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir under which a sixty year lease of GILGIT (which formed part of Jammu & Kashmir State) was executed. The sole re

There was enough evidence about Tribal Raid

By A Special Correspondent There is enough evidence to suggest that the J&K government and Government of India had sufficient information about raiders’ invasion before hand. Dr. Atri's revelation: On October 8, 1947 Dr. SK Atri, a leading doctor of Srinagar had been informed by some of his

Pt. Amar Nath Muthoo: A Tribute to Grandfather

SKARDU-STORY Pt. Amar Nath Muthoo: A Tribute to Grandfather By Kuldeep Raina PT. AMAR NATH MUTHOO, affectionately called by family members as 'Lala' lived at Bulbul Lankar (Ali Kadal) in downtown Srinagar. He was born to Pt. Damodar Muthoo and Smt. Vishmal. Amar Nath had one brother-Pt. Shanka

Pt. Jia Lal Warikoo’s Martyrdom

PANDIT JIA LAL WARIKOO son of Pt. Tika Lal Warikoo lived near CMS Girls School, Fatehkadal, Srinagar. He did his B.Sc. from Punjab University and B.T. from Banaras Hindu University in 1937. Late Sh. D.N. Raina, a renowned teacher and Headmaster of National High School was his classmate. Sh. Jia Lal

How I lived under occupation forces

Muzaffarabad-1947 How I lived under occupation forces By Pt. Bishambar Nath Sapru Bishember Nath Sapru was born in 1917 at Srinagar (Kashmir) to Sh. Govind Ram Sapru and Smt. Umaravati Sapru. He had two brothers - Sh. Sham Lal was elder while Sh. Kashinath was younger to him.The lone sister Lat

Sarda – A Memoir

By Nirmal Kusum Kachru (Translated from Original Hindi by Dr. R.K. Tamiri) Domel: THIS story is about Muzaffarabad, Domel. That day when Papa returned home he looked a little perturbed. Neither did he caress my face nor called 'Jai Ramji', as used to be his daily wont. Straightway, he went

Kashmiri Pandits – The Last Journey From Sarda

By RKS Shandilya Village Sardi, which houses the holy shrine of Goddess Sharda, is perhaps the most scenic place in 'Kishenganga (Neelam) Valley'. It lies about 20 kms to the north of Muzaffarabad. Till 1974 the village had no motorised transport link with the outside world. Due to its strategic imp

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