A Sinister Design …

A Sinister Design to implement Dixon Plan-FADP

KS Correspondent

July 2010

JAMMU, June 9: A new initiative was launched here today under the name “The Forum Against Dixon Plan (FADP) to oppose implementation of Dixon Plan in any garb aimed at dividing Jammu on communal lines to facilitate creation of “Greater Kashmir” as the same has a bearing on the very survival of the minorities in the state.

Addressing the maiden media conference organized by the forum, its leaders BJP leader Bali Bhagat, eminent columnist and Congress leader Prof. Hari Om, Jammu State Morcha leader advocate Abdul Rauf Ganai and Panun Kashmir Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo alleged that a section of top echelons of Indian Political class is toying with the idea to facilitate the sinister design and a section of opinion in the state believing that the GoI and Political class will not indulge in such treachery.

Sh. Bali Bhagat, Convenor of the Forum said that a sinister process seems to have been set into motion to divide Jammu province along the Chenab river on communal lines and facilitate the emergence of Greater Kashmir, comprising the Valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu and Ladakh. Substantiating his apprehension, Sh. Bhagat said, “The adopting of the Chenab Valley Autonomous Hill Council Resolution in the Legislative Council without any opposition from any political party and many other administrative measures taken by the State government in recent times have almost established that concerned moves are afoot to implement the Dixon Plan”.

Accusing a section of Indian political class of facilitating the sinister design, Prof. Hari Om said that it is now obvious that a significant section of the top echelons of Indian political class, cutting across party lines, are toying with the idea of a compromise with Pakistan to accommodate its sinister designs in J&K. “It is no surprise that the original Dixon Plan is being disguised in the wraps of Musharraf Formula, Kathwari Plan, Greater Autonomy or self rule,” he added. He accused the National Conference and PDP leadership of making regular forays into various areas of Jammu province to polarize communal opinion in favour of Greater Kashmir.

Panun Kashmir Chairman, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo said that the entire process has a bearing on the very survival of minorities across the length and breadth of the state. Taking a dig at the GoI, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo said that the authority of the Government of India and its commitment to protect secular imperatives stand undermined as never before since independence of the country. “The situation is even worse than the era when the British rulers embarked upon carving out Pakistan in the Muslim majority areas of undivided India”, Dr. Chrungoo rued. Dr. Chrungoo said that the holocaust that followed the  country’s partition is bound to replicate given the fact that religious cleansing in Kashmir Valley has not shaken the reckless Indian political class. Underscoring the need for preventing the impending holocaust, Dr. Chrungoo said,” In the given situation, all right thinking people, particularly of Jammu province, have a greater responsibility to stop another partition and impending holocaust”.

Accusing a section of opinion of not understanding the fall out of GoI’s designs, Sh. Abdul Rauf Ganai said that there is a large corpus of opinion in these areas that still believes that the GoI and the political class will never indulge in such a treachery. Drawing parallels with the pre-partition era, Sh Ganai said, “It is a situation similar to when the people living in Lahore before the partition, believed in the assurances of Gandhi and Nehru that partition of the cuontry shall never become a reality”. He said that 63 years back India was divided into two parts on the basis of religion and same is being considered for Jammu and Kashmir to divide it into two on the religious lines.

Underlinging the objectives of the forum, the leaders said that the objective of the FADP is neither regional nor local but essentially national to prevent the balkanisation of the nation. “The Forum Against Dixon Plan is an attemtp at rescuing the threatened minorities and to defend the unity and integrity of Jammu province, cutting across all religious and political loyalities and affilaitions,” they said. The leaders described forum as an endeavour to mobilise the opinion in Jammu province against the votaries of Dixon Plan and to educate people about content of Dixon Plan and its dangerous fall out.