Brief of the Press Conference

Brief of the Press Conference jointly address byu Dr. Ajay Chrungoo and Dr Hari Om at Press Club Jammu on 12/9/2011

KS Correspondent

JAMMU: Patriotic citizens in Jammu and Kashmir are ready for all sacrifices to stop any compromise with the separatists that will jeopardize the unity of India, its sovereignty and the vision of secularism.

We take this opportunity to warn Government of India about the consequences of any attempt to placate the separatist constituency in jammu and Kashmir by accepting or providing credibility to their views on accession and the constitutional relationship of Jammu and Kashmir with Union of India through the instrumentality of Interlocutors in a bid to sue for peace with Pakistan. We believe such search for peace will only prove to be a mirage and undermine integrity and unity of whole of India.

The views which the present group of interlocutor held before being appointed as the interlocutors, their utterances and the way they have conducted themselves as interlocutors, have only raised apprehensions about their ability to uphold vital national interests in Jammu and Kashmir.

The overwhelming majority of patriotic citizens of Jammu and Kashmir will not countenance with any recommendation, observation or inference of the interlocutors which seeks directly or indirectly or by implication to accept the view that accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India was conditional. They will unambiguously reject all such perspectives or recommendations which seek to change the transitory nature of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir to a permanent clause of the Constitution of India. Patriotic citizens of the state will also reject any recommendation which directly or indirectly or by inference seeks to divide Jammu province.”

We also want to state very clearly that people of India have no shared destiny with Pakistan because Pakistan was created as an ideological state which seeks to destroy India. Concepts of ‘Shared sovereignty, irrelevant borders and we cannot change our neighbors’ emanate from this flawed and dangerous perspectives of a shared destiny with Pakistan.

We want to state with emphasis that destiny of secularism in India is not incremental capitulation to communalism which the concepts of creating permanent spheres of Muslim interests on the territory of India underline. Creating religious domains and couching them in secular jargon will not buy India peace but will prove to be destructive of the unity of India.

We will hold Government of India primarily and squarely responsible for any misadventures by the group of Interlocutors. We once again state that separatists, soft separatists or semi separatists are not spearheading any freedom movement in Jammu and Kashmir. They are spearheading a regressive campaign to destroy all freedoms which mankind should have. Government of India should resolve to defeat separatism ideologically, politically and militarily and not through suicidal expediency which it has pursued so far.