Brief of the press statement

Brief of the press statement issued during media interaction addressed by Panun Kashmir on Oct 29th, 2011 at Jammu

Panun Kashmir has watched with utmost disappointment and dismay the response of the state government to the complaints of corruption in the Relief Organisation of the state government and the mismanagement in the affairs of newly constructed Jagati camp. It is highly intriguing that the state government has mainly indulged in subterfuges and diversion to scuttle the crucial issues which have come to the fore in this regard.

Panun Kashmir brought these issues to the fore few months back with the hope that the state government will look into these matters. The state government had also given it to understand that the government will fulfill the inadequacies in the management of the camp affairs and also complete the unfinished construction work of the camp and also improve the quality of construction wherever required. After taking a stock of the situation we feel that nothing substantial has been done by the state government so far after the complaints came to the fore.

Detailed reports in the local press with regard to the acts of corruption in the construction of the Jagati two room accommodations seem also to have been overlooked. The impression given that the Relief Comm-issioner had been transferred in response to the public outrage is also proving to be a diversionary ploy as many in the government believe that he had been shifted only temporarily and will take over from the present acting Relief Commissioner  sooner than the later.

We are really concerned that the press reports that even the steel used in the construction work has been substandard has not been probed with speed and doubts set to rest. It needs no special emphasis that the issue involves the very safety of the construction of the Jagati Two room Tenements.

It is also highly intriguing that there is no proper policy of the government to deploy government emp-loyees for specific time bound tenures in the Relief Organisation in positions which are commensurate with their status.

Our visit to the camps has revealed to us that more leakages and seepages have taken place in the newly constructed quarters at Jagati since we visited the camp two months back. The poor state of sanitation continues as it was. The facilities of schools and dispensary are showing no further improvement.  Electricity supply, gas supply and ration supply has not shown any change for the better. Cremation facility has not come up as yet. Transport continues to be scanty as well as dearer.

Many complaints of threats to the inmates of the camps to keep their mouths shut have come to our knowledge. Freedom of expression is being stifled through coercion direct or indirect.

We take this opportunity to once again demand:

1.            A thorough and speedy probe into the allegations of corruption and bungling in the construction of two room tenements at Jagati.

2.            An immediate assurance from the state government that proper gage and quality of steel has been used in the construction work and there is no danger to the inmates because of poor quality of construction material.

3.            An immediate redressal  of the complaints of the inmates of Jagati with regard to power supply, ration supply, gas supply and transport.

4.            Speedy and time bound construction of cremation facilities in the Jagati camp. Speedy and time bound approach to make the school and the dispensary fully functional. And last but not the least improving the sanitation of the camp.