Brief of the press statement

Brief of the press statement issued during a press conference addressed jointly by Dr. Ajay Chrungoo Chairman, Panun Kashmir, Prof Hari Om, eminent intellectual and a senior leader and Sh. Yuvraj Gupta, senior PoK Refugee leader & Social activist, on May 6, 2011 at Jammu.

We dismiss out-of-hand and disapprove of the contention of Government of India to continue dialogue with Pakistan despite the universal acknowledgement about Pakistan’s neck-deep involvement in the international terrorism that has gripped the whole of the globe. The stand which the Government of India has taken in the aftermath of May 2 killing of the world’s most sought after terrorist Osama bin Laden is suicidal.

India has been the worst victim of Jihadi terrorism promoted by Pakistan as an instrument of its foreign policy. Over the years, Government of India has been only bemoaning the duplicity of America and the Western world with regard to handling issues pertaining to international terrorism. Now is the time to act. India can no longer afford to shirk declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state. We demand that the Government of India must correct its course vis a vis Pakistan and shun its ambivalent approach to issues of national import.

India has already paid a very heavy price for pursuing a policy course with Pakistan which has only strengthened subversive and terrorist regimes in India and accorded international legitimacy to the Pakistan’s communal stand on Jammu and Kashmir. Such a policy cannot go on forever. It has to be abandoned here and now or history will not forgive what could be termed as a treachery of sorts. Sovereignty of India and its territorial integrity are non-negotiable and our foreign policy has to be based on these two cardinal imperatives.

The Government of India has to realize that its policies on Jammu and Kashmir have only negated the principles of secularism and democracy and accorded an undue importance to separatist variants. And it is this that has led to its failure to defeat terrorism and separatism in the state.

The willingness of the Government of India to continue dialogue with Pakistan despite the international outrage caused due to the latter’s involvement in acting as a base for international terrorism will further strengthen radical Jihadi forces in India. The conversion of Kashmiri Muslim masses into radical Salafi or Wahhabi brand of Islam has assumed a new stridency in recent times. It is happening because the Government of India has chosen to accord respectability to radical Islamist leadership in the state. The dithering of the Government of India on the issue of Pakistan being a terrorist State will act as a lease of life for the Jihadis in the region and it will be at India’s own peril.

The American call to India to ‘show patience’ smacks only of hypocrisy and double standards. It also smacks of deliberate pressures being exerted on India to toe a line which is only in the American interests in the region. India should not act as a surrogate nation and demonstrate its resolve to exist as a sovereign State.

We once again demand that the Government of India must declare Pakistan as a terrorist State and discontinue forthwith its dialogue with Islamabad.