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Lahore - How it underwent Cultural cleansing after 1947

Lahore – How it underwent Cultural cleansing after 1947

By Dr. Ajay Chrungoo Many communities e.g. Palestinians, Jews, Tibetans, Sindhis, Kashmiri Hindus, have been banished from their homeland through an act of religiouscleansing. Invariably, the aggressor community resorts to cultural effacement in the aftermath of ethnic-cleansing to deny that the v

The Kashmir Story

The Kashmir Story

By Dr. Ajay Chrungoo John Ruskin, the famed British essayist, classified books into two categories - Books of the hour and Books of all time. 'In search of a future-The story ofKashmir', a new book on Kashmir by David Devdas, a well-known columnist, defies this classification. The book offers rich

Raiders’ Invasion-New Revelations

Raiders’ Invasion-New Revelations

Jeet Ya Haar (By Balraj Madhok) By P.N. Raina Jeet (win) Ya (or) Haar (Defeat) is a novel based on the Tribal Raiders’ invasion of J&K State in 1947. Its author Prof. Balraj Madhok claims that the novel is based on the actual incidents, events he had recorded regularly in his daily diary. A

Infinite Riches in a Little Room

Infinite Riches in a Little Room

By Dr. A.N. Dhar THE author of the volume under review, Prof. Arvind Gigoo, has made a gentle impact as a talented writer during the past decade or so--through his competent English translations of some select Kashmiri verse (drawn from the works of a few noted poets) and also through his own poeti

Indutva - A vision of a strong India

Indutva – A vision of a strong India

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo INDIA is on the threshold of becoming a major regional power. Its adversaries have been trying to thwart these ambitions by unleashing a proxy-war against it. What is intriguing  is that a section of our own people should facilitate these designs. These people need to be identif

A Feast in Photographs - A Book Review

A Feast in Photographs – A Book Review

KASHMIRI PANDITS are a unique community in many ways. Their contribution to the fund of Indian civilisation at all times in history has been awesome. No community has played a role so disproportionate to its numbers as Kashmiri Pandits have. Yet their success has been their undoing. During the past

K.L. Choudhary's 'Of Gods, men and militants'

K.L. Choudhary’s ‘Of Gods, men and militants’

By Dwarkanath Munshi So much has been said , written, discussed and debated about Kashmir over the last decade and more that one might mistake this volume as one more of the same. But it takes just a casual first glance over the anthology of poems to realise that nothing could be farther from the

Exile Literature Comes Of Age

Exile Literature Comes Of Age

by Kuldeep Raina A genocide is a terrible event. Every member of the victimised community has his own experiences- horrific and non-horrific to relate to. Yet it needs Parineeta Khar to weave these experiences into pieces of great literature. She was not part of the great exodus the Kashmiri Pandi


By Syed Rasool Pompur Dashi-Haar is a 112-Page collection of Kashmiri Poems in 20"x30"x16" size, published by the renowned Kashmiri poet Shri Arjan Dev Majboor, twenty three years ago in 1983. It comprises of about 38 poems, eight ghazals (lyric), besides a translation of Allama Iqbal's poem: Di

Dassi’s Chander Vaakh’ released

KS Correspondent JAMMU, May 31, 2003: Smt. Chandra Dassi’s poetry collection "Chandra Vaakh" was released in an impressive function organised by “Nagrad Adbi Sangami” at Press Club Jammu here today. The book which belongs to the genre of mystic poetry was released by guest of honour Prof. O.

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