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Manto Katha – A Notable Work Of Dr. Brij Premi

By Upender Ambardar The book titled “Mantoo Katha” authored by Dr. Brij Premi is another factual and well documented book on Sadat Hassan Mantoo. Backed up with minutest details, the author reveals in a lucid manner certain unexplored and lesser known facets of Mantoo’s life and works, hither

Jammu-o-Kashmir Main Urdu Adab Ki Nashu Numa

Author: Brij Premi Publisher: Ruchna Publications Naseeb Nagar, Jammu-1992 Reviewer: Prof. R.N. Kaul, Chinore, Jammu Paying a tribute to his friend and patron, Earl of Southampton, Shakespeare wrote in one of his sonnets: So long as men can breathe, have eyes to see, So long lives this, a

Dr. Brij Premi’s Momentous Work

“Saadat Hassan Manto-Hayat Aur Karnamay” By Upender Ambardar Dr. Brij Premi, a noted Urdu scholar and a writer is a name familiar to a wide circle of Urdu readers. The wealth of written material he has left behind in the form of books, research articles, shot stories, essays, literary criticism,

Lalla has no linkage with Islamic Sufism

Prof.  M. L. Koul  R.N. Koul's book on Lalla Ded has in no manner thrown any new light on the historical times that provided background setting for the emergence of a personality like Lalla who by and large shaped a response to the challenge posed by the forces of religious intolerance and obscur

Literature as a weapon against colonialism

Review by Tej N. Dhar Home and Exile by Chinua Achebe. Anchor Books, 2001. Pages 115. $ 10. Chinua Achebe has already established his rightful place in the world of letters. Apart from writing influential novels, poems, and short stories, Achebe has also written ground-breaking essays. Without bei

‘Demystifying Kashmir’ explodes many myths

By Raman Kumar Bhat Crisis in Kashmir continues to defy solution, not due to complexity of the problem but because the Indian political leadership has allowed itself to become prisoner of myths, assiduously promoted by the vested interests inimical to Indian interests in Kashmir. Such expressions-

The Role of Lucknow Kashmiri Pandits

by Dr. RK Tamiri Title: Lucknow Ke Kashmiri Pandit. Author: Dr. B.N. Sharga Published by: Dr. Vasudev Sharan Agarwal, Sanskriti Sansthan, 13 Shivaji Marg, Lucknow. Price: Rs. 50/- Diversity of a region is its beauty. It enriches the cultural tapestry of the place and fosters toleration. Luckno

Obreh Shechh

by MK Tikoo "As for the problems of translations, one can hardly set a more untranslatable example than Kalidasa. One says this a little more emphatically than may sound reasonable and considering the temper of Kashmiri language. This is partly one reason why Kalidasa has so far been left untouched

Dissecting the Proxy War

In sixties and seventies Mainstream, Economic and Political Weekly and Seminar were influential left-wing journals and commanded academic prestige. With profound crisis overtaking Marxism, questioning its legitimacy both as a political system as well as a social theory, very few left journals have s

The Shadow Of Militancy – a Review

A Response to Tejnath Dhar's Book Titled Under The Shadow Of Militancy: The Dairy of an Unknown Kashmiri By A.N. Dhar This short write-up is not meant to serve the purpose of a critical review of the book in question when, within the space of a year only, as many as 23 reviews on it have alread

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