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Maharaja Hari Singh’s Letter to Mountbatten

TEXT OF LETTER DATED OCTOBER 26, 1947 FROM HARI SINGH, THE MAHARAJA OF JAMMU & KASHMIR TO LORD MOUNTBATTEN, GOVERNOR GENERAL OF INDIA. My dear Lord Mountbatten, I have to inform your Excellency that a grave emergency has arisen in my State and request immediate assistance of your Governmen


Sakshaatkaar Evokes Unprecedented Response By S.M. Pandit November 2010 Sakshaatkaar-An Encounter with Truth- Photo Exhibition evoked unprecedented response as thousands of people witnessed it at the two venues in Jammu. The Photo-Exhibition was organised by Panun Kashmir at Invitation Banquet H

Text of the Resolutions I and II

Text of the Resolution-I adopted in Panun Kashmir Annual Convention 2009 Kashmiri Pandits today are in the 20th year of their exile.  The diaspora has posed its own challenges, besides an apathetic attitude of the Indian state has pushed us to total abandonment.  Instead of unleashing a process o

20th Martyrs’ Day

The text of the message issued by Panun Kashmir on the 20th Martyrs' Day for the community Since 1990, the first year of our forced exile, we have been observing 14 September as Kashmiri Hindu Martyr's Day (Balidan Divas). On this day in 1989 the Kashmir Hindu leader Swg. Tika Lal Taploo was felled

Accession of J&K State to India is Irrevocable

By L. C. Kaul It is not unoften that leaders of some political parties and ministers and others, in India and Pakistan and other countries, put forth suggestions, to resolve Kashmir imbroglio,. Unfortunately they do not take into consideration, basic issues and facts and historical events which hav