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PRAKASH, organizes a day long interaction with the eminent writers

PRAKASH, organizes a day long interaction with the eminent writers

June 2012  “Kashmiri Pandits belong to the Kathak School of the Krishna Yajurveda”, Dr.Shashi Shekher Toshkhani. Prakash- a Panun Kashmir initiative for the promotion of Kashmiri Art,Science  and History organized a day long interactive session at the Press club, Jammu with the eminent sch

Sanskrit Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits and the Caste Reality-II

Sanskrit Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits and the Caste Reality-II

By Shailendra Aima June 2012 Now coming to the period of British hegemony, not only had India’s resources been pillaged for decades by the rapacious East India Company, the inexorable British Raj also set about enshrining caste in the Indian administrative structure, modeling it on the British c

Sanskrit Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits and the Caste Reality

By Shailendra Aima January 2012 Sometime back, a discussion ensued at a web portal about Kashmiri Pandits, the Sanskrit roots of Kashmiri Culture and Pluralism. It was amazing that some Kashmiri compatriots, now resident outside in the US and the Middle East became highly volatile and denounced th

Development of Sharda Script

Shailendra Aima November 2011 The present indigenous scripts in India have developed from Brahmi and the early Brahmi inscriptions in India date back to Mauryan period. It may not be out of place to mention here that the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka founded the city of Srinagar, then situated on the sit

Ecospirituality and Place

By Dileep Kumar Kaul August 2010 Our self attains meaning in the meaning of a place. It has a spiritual dimension as well. The meaning of place and the meaning of the self are two different entities in the beginning. As the place attachment develops and becomes stronger, the meaning of place and m

Reimagining …

Reimagining Kashmir Beginning a place discourse          By Dileep Kumar Kaul Whatever happens to us happens only when we are physically located somewhere, that means present at a place. A place contains an environment, natural and, man made, that influences our whole being, our mindset,

Transcending the Rootedness

Continuing place discourse By Dileep Kumar Kaul April 2010 The importance of a  place varies from person to person. Some individuals seem more likely to develop place attachment but we still cannot classify “place people” as a distinct personality type. But all Kashmiri Pandits have some sor

Continuing place discourse – Place Identity and Slogans

By Dileep Kumar Kaul May 2010 Conversation gives us an identity. In the process of conversation the idea working in the background is who I am and to whom I am talking. Then come ideas and their communication. Conversation, like all other human activities has a context of place, where the human di