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Dialogue Between Predator And The Policy

Dialogue Between Predator And The Policy

June 2012 The feeling of outrage amongst all sections of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus when the local media reported about the meeting between a group of Kashmiri Hindus and leaders of the separatists Hurriyat Conference in Srinagar recently is understandable. In fact the absence of outrage

The Margadarshan Resolve

January 2012 Twenty years have passed since the exiled Pandits in 1991 unanimously adopted the historical Homeland Resolution, demanding the political reorganization of the State of Jammu & Kashmir so as to facilitate the creation of Panun Kashmir, a Homeland for all those who have been forced

Scope of Interlocutors’ Intercession

November 2011 There is an erroneous belief in the common citizen that the Interlocutors were appointed as a critical interface with the people in Jammu and Kashmir to douse the fires caused by a protracted stone pelting ‘Intifada’ raging in Kashmir valley at that time. It is true that the new

Deny the Separatist …

Deny the Separatist the support within India June, 2011 State Government seems to have risen to the dangers posed by the forays of people like Gautam Navlakha, Arundhatti Roy, Ram Jethmalani and so many others who flaunt themselves as prominent members of the civil society of India who can help

We have to change our neighbours

April 2011 Prime Minister has had his way. Government India has finally given a go ahead to an unconditional dialogue with Pakistan. It has accepted the frame work which the Pakistan has been seeking to impose on India.  The retreat which the Prime Minister of India made after promising an uncond

Introspection or Political Positioning

January 2011 In subversive political cultures the political class excels in competitive deception. Mortal adversaries can live comfortably as friends for years and friends can do a volte face in no time and turn into enemies. The politics practised in such a culture has circles within the circles a

The Assault from Within

November 2010 In a nation, when the leadership at the helms loses the sense of what is sacrosanct about the nation, the governance becomes weird.  We have been witnessing this phenomenon in Jammu and Kashmir for quite some time. The way the newly appointed interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir conduc

Standing Firm and not Faking it

August 2010 Amongst the simmering rumours in Jammu that Government of India may wilt under the pressures exerted by the sustained 'Intifada' in Kashmir Valley, the Prime Minister's address to the nation on 15th August was a pleasant surprise. The portion of the speech addressed to the present pro

The Predicament in Kashmir

July 2010 The Governments in J&K and in Delhi have in a sudden turn of events accepted that the situation in the Kashmir valley has fast deteriorated and have called in the Army to its rescue; its claims to heavy tourist rush, successful Khir Bhavani pilgrimage and decline in terrorist related

India is not a Banana Republic

May 2010 The Indo-Pak dialogue seems to have started even though Indian side is still maintaining some ambivalence about its nature content and purport. The meeting of the Prime Ministers of the  two countries on the sidelines of SAARC at Thimpu has left no one in doubt that Manmohan Singh is mo

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