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No My War or Your War

April 2010 The terrorist attacks in Russia, particularly those of suicide bombers on Metro trains, is a continuity of the war Islamist International is waging on the civilised world. It is a reminder to both Government of India and Government of USA that a small signal of weakness, not to speak o

Threshold of tolerance

Correcting Perspective February 2010 Pune blasts have brought  to the fore the glaring contradictions of the perspective of the Government of India on National Security. Immediately after the blasts the concerned quarters in Government of India started a concerted campaign of diversion to preve

Soothing Visit

November 2009 The sudden and unscheduled visit of the Union Home Minister Mr Chidambaram to Jammu recently surprised many in the public. After his visit to the Valley followed by the high profile visit of Prime Minister of India, nobody expected that Union Home Minister would spend time in Jammu

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