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Panun Kashmir, Place and Oppositionism

Panun Kashmir, Place and Oppositionism

THE PLACE VALUE Panun Kashmir, Place and Oppositionism By  Dileep Kumar Kaul June 2012 Human beings do not get angry with others only. They get angry with their own selves as well. Courage is given to others and to one’s own self also. Compromises are made with ones own self and almost every

Interactional Potential of a Place

By  Dileep Kumar Kaul January 2012 A site attains meaning and becomes a place when people become emotionally attached with it. Such emotional ties are cause primarily through past experiences or memories that are associated with a site. When we talk about a place many memories and emotions are re

An interview with Prof. Dr. Rattan Lal Shant

November 2011 (Prof. (Dr) Rattan Lal Shant is a Kashmiri Short Story Writer, Dramatist, Hindi Poet, Translator, Editor, Researcher and Critic. Besides receiving many awards, he got the Sahitya Academy Award in the year 2007 for his book of Kashmiri Short Stories “ TSHEN” (RUPTURE). Rajendra

Noor Ki Shaadi

By  Sanjay Godbole         June 2011 The Pakistani media from the beginning has adopted  the policy of giving publicity to  those news pertaining to India, which create a negative picture about the life style over there. Whether it is child marriage or Naxalite issue or Maoist issue, th

PC’s ‘Indian’ Geelani

TUMULTUOUS VALLEY PC's 'Indian' Geelani: the insider story By Capt. S.K. Tikoo June 2011 Soon after P Chidambaram took over as the Union Home Minister, a senior Congress party leader and an ex-minister of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) state sought an appointment with him, to apprise him of the gro

Are “Radicalized Hindus” more dangerous than LeT?

By J N Raina June 2011 This is no baby talk. These words of ‘wisdom’ that “Hindu terror groups could pose a bigger threat to India than Muslim militant groups like the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)” are coming from the mouth of Rahul Gandhi, the icon of the Indian National Congress (INC). Great-gr

Instrument of merger

‘Instrument of merger’ was not must for Kashmir By J N Raina April 2011 While epoch-making changes come about globally, an environment of negativity continues to prevail in Kashmir, denying its denizens a decent and unfettered life. Some diehard elements, feigning as well-wishers of Kashmi

The tragedy of being a Kashmiri Pandit

By Amit Bamzai January 2011 Even now I remember the day vividly it was an hot and sultry April afternoon, the ringing school bell indicated that it was time to pack your bags and leave towards the amniotic safety of a heaven called Home. As I stepped out of the mammoth black gate of my school ‘


Geelani is playing ‘fraud’ with Kashmiri youth By J N Raina January 2011 There is no dearth of fusspots in Kashmir. Wrinkled with age, Syed Ali Geelani, leading a hard-line faction of the Hurriyat Conference, has been treating India as a banana republic. In an attempt to tyrannize the secur

Omar’s Tantrums

Remedy lies in Kashmir’s merger with India By J N Raina November 2010 Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s disparaging statement about the state’s accession with India is ill-advised. It cannot be taken lightly. His churlish and sensational observation—that too on the floor o

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