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Pakistan’s underhand tactics will never pay

By J N Raina August 2010 Given the effervescence of Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, it is doubtful whether Islamabad is keen for resumption of harmonious relations with India. The ongoing acrimonious peace process, which was set about after a lot of preparedness, has received a

For peace, Pakistan …

For peace, Pakistan must decry terrorism By JN Raina July 2010 Permanent peace in the subcontinent is nigh impossible, till Pakistan remains paranoid about India. Peace will remain a pipe dream, until Pakistan sheds antipathy towards India and gives up state-sponsorship of terrorism. What 2611 accus

India under Siege

India under Siege – from within By Nancy Kaul November 2010 Islamic terrorism and terrorists, separatists and secessionists, and soft-peddling politicians, are outdoing each other to prove they share the same mindset and agenda in Jammu & Kashmir. They have another equally committed partner

Water woes

Can India counter Pakistan’s bellicosity? By J N Raina May 2010 The ‘devil’ is in deep distress. Now it is Kashmir plus water woes. The path of conflict-resolution between India and Pakistan is shadowy. Our neighbour is distrustful. While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has exhibited his willing

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