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Press statement issued by Dr Ajay Chrungoo

Brief of the press statement issued by Panun Kashmir to the media during the media interaction addressed by Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir, Dr. M.K. Teng Chairman Advisory Panun Kashmir, Sh. O .N. Trisal, senior leader and President ASKPSC and Sh. Kuldeep Raina, Gen. Secretary Panun Kashm

A Sinister Design …

A Sinister Design to implement Dixon Plan-FADP KS Correspondent July 2010 JAMMU, June 9: A new initiative was launched here today under the name “The Forum Against Dixon Plan (FADP) to oppose implementation of Dixon Plan in any garb aimed at dividing Jammu on communal lines to facilitate creat

Amnesty International …

Amnesty International Political Motivated: PK KS Correspondent July 2010 JAMMU, May 24: Panun Kashmir has described the maiden visit of Amnesty International to Kashmir disappointing and charged it for state specific agenda and ignoring the HR violations by the non-state actors who have unleash

India needs to re-evaluate …

India needs to re-evaluate Pakistani Goals and re-invent its response KS Correspondent July 2010 JAMMU, May 28: On the eve of Prime Minister’s Kashmir visit, a group of prominent citizens representing different shades asked the GoI to re-evaluate Pakistani goals vis-à-vis India and re-invent

Concessions …

Concessions to Separatists will jeopardise security of minorities KS Correspondent February 2010 JAMMU, Jan 29: Describing the advocates of concessions to separatists and Pakistan as the overground workers of separatism in the state, Panun Kashmir Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo and reputed political

Indian State Leaning in support of Separatists—Panun Kashmir

KS Correspondent February 2010 JAMMU, Dec 14: Drawing parallels between the "Quiet Diplomacy" and the political process initiated by the British Government with the Muslim League before 1947, Panun Kashmir has expressed its deep concern on the development and warned the Indian state that any atte

‘Indian state vacillating on issue of National Security”-PK

KS Correspondent May 2010 JAMMU, May 4: Expressing concern over the vacillations of Government of India on critical issues of vital import for national security, Panun Kashmir has asked the GoI to take the nation into confidence about the purpose and object of its engagement with Pakistan. The org

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