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Rajouri Did Not Even Receive A Condolence

By P.N. Raina Genocide and Exile are two terrible words. Those who experience it can never get it out of their minds so long as they are alive. Reliving these events through narratives, oral or historical, is more than recording history an attempt to come to terms with the self. ‘Rajouri Remembe

How I lived under occupation forces

Muzaffarabad-1947 How I lived under occupation forces By Pt. Bishambar Nath Sapru Bishember Nath Sapru was born in 1917 at Srinagar (Kashmir) to Sh. Govind Ram Sapru and Smt. Umaravati Sapru. He had two brothers - Sh. Sham Lal was elder while Sh. Kashinath was younger to him.The lone sister Lat

Sarda – A Memoir

By Nirmal Kusum Kachru (Translated from Original Hindi by Dr. R.K. Tamiri) Domel: THIS story is about Muzaffarabad, Domel. That day when Papa returned home he looked a little perturbed. Neither did he caress my face nor called 'Jai Ramji', as used to be his daily wont. Straightway, he went

Kashmiri Pandits – The Last Journey From Sarda

By RKS Shandilya Village Sardi, which houses the holy shrine of Goddess Sharda, is perhaps the most scenic place in 'Kishenganga (Neelam) Valley'. It lies about 20 kms to the north of Muzaffarabad. Till 1974 the village had no motorised transport link with the outside world. Due to its strategic imp

Sati Sahni – A Conversation

Shri Sati Sahni is one of the most esteemed members of Journalist profession in J&K. In a career spanning six decades, he has combined high professionalism with deep integrity. As a War Correspondent he holds the rare distinction of covering four major wars--1948, 1962, 1965 and 1971. Sh. S

Pak Invasion – Looking Back

Sh. Sati Sahni is a Veteran Journalist with an experience of over six decades in the profession. An ace photographer, he is the only  working Journalist to have covered all the four wars--1947-1948, 1962,1965 and 1971. In a conversation with Kashmir Sentinel he visited down memorylane to recapture

Kuldeep Rana

Dr. Brij Premi It was a cold Wintery evening, Srinagar was under a thick carpet of snow. The news  about the demise of Kuldeep Rana carried by the evening bulletin of Radio Kashmir benumbed me. For a moment I could not reconcile that Kuldeep Rana, a handsome man with fine intellect was no more in

Witness to an Era

By Pt. Radha Krishan Sher Pt. Radha Krishan Sher was a noted Commentator on Kashmir affairs. He lived a principled life and never compromised with official/administrative apathy. The Community's exile had left a indelible mark on his personality. Pt. R.K. Sher was a staunch disciplinarian and a nat

My years in Journalism

By Shamboo Nath Gurkha Our family lived in Budhgaer quarter of downtown Srinagar. This locality was a predominantly Pandit locality as were many other parts of the old city. This place was once the seat of power of King Rinchin, a Buddhist fugitive from Ladakh, who ascended the throne of Kashmir in