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Indian Philosophy-A Synoptic View-III

Prof. M.L. Koul June 2011 Rigveda It is the first written record of mankind and its hymns though addressed to various gods contain seed ideas that are essentially philosophic in content. It provides an amazing insight into that hoary past of which minimum or negligible records and notices are ava

The Lalded Consciousness

By Dileep Kumar Kaul April 2011 The Kashmir we see today is the result of many political contestations. What is most tragic is that Kashmir is still visualized as a place in terms of these political contestations. The primary contestation is between Hindu and Muslim consciousnesses. Muslims are

Indian Philosophy-A synoptic View-II

Prof. M.L. Koul April 2011 A way of thinking which enables one rationally to understand the reality experiened by self-fulfilled personalities, and thereby to lead one to realisation of truth. In this light, philosophy is seen as art of life and not a theory a bout the universe". Despite such vie

Philosophy-A synoptic view

By Prof. M.L. Koul January 2011 Be it said in all fairness that philosophy in India did not begin as an independent segment of human investigation. It actually overlapped with religion which to a large extent concealed it under a covering of myths & credos but never hampered it from assumi

The Tradition of Lalla Ded

By Prof. M.L. Koul November 2010 'Lalla-Ded wrote her poetry with fury and passion and even with intellectual arrogance. Her poetry came to her in a fit of emotions,


Pratybhijjna-From Scriptures to Kashmir Shaivism to Lalla Ded Vakh By Prof. M.L. Koul February 2010 The Doctrine of Pratyabhijjna is a highly significant development in the theory and practice of Kashmir Shaivism. It is neither a school of Kashmir Shaivism nor is it a sub-trend within its matrix.

The need for a Lalla Ded Lexicon

By Prof. M.L. Koul Part I - May 2010 'To do philosophy is to explore one's own temperament, yet at the same time to attempt to discover the truth'--Iris Murdok The very core of Lalla Ded is philosophical and that is why she captures our imagination and tugs at our heart-strings. Her vaakhs are so

Sun Worship in Kashmir

by Prof. M.L. Koul The sun-god is in essence is a Vedic god and its reverential worship has been widely prevalent throughout including Kashmir. In the Rig-veda we find a web of mythology woven around the sun-god known as Aditi. During the upanishadic era the sun-worship had assumed tremendous signi

Aum in Indian Scriptures, Kashmir Shaivism and Lalla Ded Vakh

By Prof. M.L. Koul Writes Paul Tillich, 'In religion no one can avoid use of symbolism nor should one wish that it were possible to do so. The more lively a religion, the more complex its symbolism has to be, for it is thus it secures what protection it can get against the ever-present danger of l

YOGA-In Indian Scriptures, Kashmir Shaivism and Lal Ded Vakh

By Prof. M.L. Koul PART 1 Yoga is the metaphor of Indian spirituality. It has a history as old as the Himalayan mountain ramparts guarding the civilisational frontiers of India. The statue of a yogi in dhyan mudra as a rare find from the archaeological sites of Mohenjo-daro (now in Pakistan) suffic

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