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Bhakti and Worship in Scriptures in Kashmir Shaivism and Lal Ded Vakh

By Prof. M.L. Koul Bhakti as per the traditional mould can be defined as motive­less service to God. It has close linkages with actions (karman) that human beings routinely perform during the span of their life. It is axiomatic that the world de­pends on actions (loko ayam karma bandanah). Actionl

Guru in Kashmir Shaivism and Guru in Lalla Ded Vakh

By Prof. M.L. Koul In the annals of Kashmir Shaiva-praxis guru (preceptor, spiritual director) has been accorded a distinguished stature of respect and reverence for the part he plays in initiating and guiding disciples in spiritual trajectories. High-level spiritual attainments and exemplary wisd

The Concept of Sunya From Buddhism to Kashmir Shaivism to Lalla Ded

By Prof. M.L. Koul All credible evidences from the annals of Kashmir history establish that Kashmir was a pivotal centre of Buddhist thought and learning. To counter the narrow philosophical positions of Hinyana Buddhism it was in Kashmir that the doctrinal positions and theoretical mould of the Mah

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