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Bibi Nani of Baluchistan

By Sanjay Godbole There is a small village called Kolpur at a distance of 25 Kilometers towards South from Quetta the capital of Baluchistan. It is situated just near the entrance of the ‘Bolan’ pass. The river ‘Bolan’ stems from here only. Evidences of many ancient human settlements have c

Prospects of Heritage Tourism in Jammu Regional of J&K

By Mahesh Kaul Introduction June 2011 Jammu region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India represents the rich source of heritage that has remained untapped in terms of heritage tourism. The region has been the seat of the ruling dynasty of the state which came into being in 1846 as the amalga

The Preceptor of Yoga

The Preceptor of ‘Yoga’ in Pakistan -Shahbaz Khan By Sanjay Godbole April 2011 Some readers may fee! surprised. if a Statement is made that the ‘Yoga’ is popular in Pakistan and that the curriculum there Covers teaching of various Yogic postures (Yogasanas). It is a fact all the same. Gu

Cholistan – The Inside Story

By Sanjay Godbole January 2011 Bahawalpur is a city in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. This city is situated at a distance of 90 k.m. from Multan and 420 km. from Lahore. One comes across a desert, called ‘Cholistan’ at a distance of 30 km. from Bahawalpur. In the past, an ancient rive

The Sculpture found in Pak occupied Kashmir

By Sanjay Godbole Muzafferabad, the historically important city, is presently the Capital of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Here several age old and ancient relics and remains have been unearthed and brought to light. The classifica­tion exercise of these remains into Hindu and Buddhist categories, is

The Language called ‘Siraiki’

By Sanjay Godbole Prior to the partition of India, the ‘Siraiki’ language was mainly spoken in undivided Punjab. After the partition, many’ Siraiki’ speaking people migrated to India, but in Pakistan this Siraiki language was developed to a great extent. In India, too, programmes are arrang

Gems and Jewels in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

By Sanjay Godbole Kashmir is the most picturesque (full of scenic beauty) valley in the whole of the world. This province is situated on the West side of the Himalaya mountain range.Though the Southern part of Kashmir is relatively plain and even, in the Northern part of Kashmir, there are high moun

Exploration at Karad

By Sanjay Godbole 'Karad' is one of the important cities and centers in the district of 'Satara* in Maharashtra. 'Karad' is situated 17° 17' N. Latitude and 74° 13' Longitude and lies in the valley of rivers Krishna and Koyna. Karad has been assuming importance centuries after centuries on account

The Goddess Hingala Of Baluchistan

By Sanjay Godbole Baluchistan is a State in Pakistan, having a fairly vast expanse. Hingola is an ancient river, which traverses across the terrains of Baluchistan. A mountain named ‘Khirdhar’ is situated at the banks of river Hingol. At the extreme end portion of this mountain, which is popular

The Goddess Sharada of Shankaracharya

By Sanjay Godbole Shankaracharya, the first, was born in the year 788 A..D. at ‘Kaladi’ in Kerala. The day was the fifth day in Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh and the time was noon as per the Hindu Calendar. Shankaracharya hailed from a family from Malabar. His family was a Nambudripad B

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