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The Sharda Temple of Kashmir

By Sanjay Godbole Prior to independence, Hindu Pandits were settled in great numbers, in the Northern areas of Kashmir. Sharadi is a small village in Northern parts of Kashmir, which was famous for an ancient temple of Goddess Sharada. A Kashmiri Pandit family headed by Thusu Ladarwani was settled i

Ancient Temples of Sindh

By Sanjay Godbole the   ‘Thar’  Division  in  Pakistan has an  expanse  of twenty thousand square kilometers. During the census of this area in the year 1981 A.D., it was revealed that 0.5 million people were settled over there. Geographically, this 'Thar’ (desert) has been created out

Ancient Remains At Multan

By Sanjay Godbole Mr. Anant Joshi, from Pune Maharashtra India resides in Sadashiv Peth, (Peth a residential sector in the city) and is the lawful owner of the temple of Lord “Narsinha” (a Hindu deity in the form of half human and half lion body e.g. incarnation of lord Vishnu). In the March 200

Lord Buddha at Takshashila

By Sanjay Godbole The city of ‘Taxila’ is situated at a distance of 35 kilometers from Rawalpindi in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the seventh Tehsil of Punjab province. The old name of ‘Taxila’ was ‘Takshashila’ and it was famous throughout the world as an ancient centre of Hin

Buddha at Jahanabad (Swat)

By Sanjay Godbole In ancient literature, there is a frequent reference to River ‘Suvastu’. Valley of Suvastu River is today’s Swat river valley. This is on the banks of River Swat. The river Swat flows through towns of ‘Malla' and 'Saidu’ etc. and ultimately merges with the waters of River

Goddess Sharada

The Goddess Sharada of Shankaracharya By Sanjay Godbole April 2010 Shankaracharya, the first, was born in the year 788 A..D. at ‘Kaladi’ in Kerala. The day was the fifth day in Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh and the time was noon as per the Hindu Calendar. Shankaracharya hailed from a f

The journey of pilgrimage for Baba Ramdev as followed in Sindh

By Sanjay Godbole February 2010 Baba Ramdev, the most venerable for the majority of Hindus in the Sindh Province of Pakistan, has relationship with the Rajputana Province in India. In the Tomar dynasty of Delhi, which is also called Tunvar’, there was a king called ‘Anangpai’. In the year 14

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