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Maha Shivratri-Revisiting Kashmiri Ritual Variants-XV

Maha Shivratri-Revisiting Kashmiri Ritual Variants-XV

By Upender Ambardar June 2012 The ritualised traditions associated with the festival of Shivratri are expressions of  reinforcement of collective socio-religious values and beliefs, which lend a firm sense of group identity to the community, fondly opined Sh. Mohan Lal Raina, an original inhabita

Maha Shivratri-Revisiting Kashmir Ritual Variants-XIV

By Upender Ambardar November 2011 The rituals are articles of faith unlimited which not only invigorate but also consolidate our socio-religious structure. There is an overriding need not only for their continued observance but also for preservation, spoke Sh. ML Ganjoo,  an original resident of

Maha Shivratri-Revisiting Kashmiri Ritual Variants-XIII

By Upender Ambardar June 2011 The Shivratri festival rich in symbolism and metaphors represents a ritual canvas of contrasts, which celebrates a rich legacy of mythology, culture and social history of Kashmir, affirmed Smt. Basanti Hakchar, originally a resident of the village Trehgam district Kup

Want to own a house?

By G.K. Gurtu June 2011 Owning a house is the first priority after ‘Roti Aur Kapda ’. Man has developed a set of guidelines after centuries of observation and experience. Some of them may seem to be antiquated, impracticable and even laughable in this age of shortage of space and coming up of

Astrology – A New Meaning

By G. K. Gurtu April 2011 Astrology has been in the news from time to time. It is being aired on many TV Channels. But I have a feeling that we are missing the woods because of the trees. I am of the view that it is a moot point whether astrology is a science –exact or otherwise – or an art

Maha Shivratri-Revisiting Kashmiri Ritual Variants-XII

By Upender Ambardar April 2011 The indigenous uniqueness and amazing diversity of the rituals have added grandeur, magnificence and richness to the Shivratri festival. They portray diverse and distinct phases within the dynamics of historical and cultural continuity of our existence, observed Sh.

Kashmiri Pandits – Funerary and Post Funerary Rites

By Dr. S.S. Toshkhani Funerary and post funerary Rites: There is much similarity between the broad features of Kashmiri Hindu funerary and post-funerary rites and the standard Hindu funeral ceremonies, yet there are quite number of variations and modifications too. For a Kashmiri Hindu, as for Hindu

Marriage Rituals Among Kashmiri Pandits

By Dr. S.S. Toshkhani It is the local customs and rites that make the Mekhal or Yagnopavit a unique experience. This is even truer of Kashmiri Pandit wedding rituals which have a firm Vedic foundation upon which distinctly indigenous Shaiva and Shakta structures are built. Called nethur in their na

Mekhal Ritual of Kashmiri Pandits

By Dr. S.S. Toshkhani “Mekhal” is what the Kashmiri Pandits call upanayana or yajnopavit (sacred thread investiture) and the whole range of ceremonies connected with it, though wearing the mekhala or the girdle of Munja grass is only one of them. How they came to use the word for the whole sams

Festivals of Kashmiri Pandits

By Dr. S.S. Toshkhani Let us cast a glance at some of the religious festivals celebrated by the Kashmiri Hindus. An interesting fact about them needing investigation is that some of these are celebrated a day ahead of their celebration by Hindus in other parts of the country. Shivaratri, regarded as