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Mr. JN Patwari – A Homage

By M.K. Dhar I first saw Mr Jagan Nath Patwari when he was in thirties. A young, charming, active and graceful personality. He was the person who conducted me to my class in the school, National School, Karan Nagar, Srinagar. It was somewhere in 1949 when I was admitted to class 7 section B. Princi

Dr. Prem Nath Kachroo-A Scientist of Repute

Dr. Prem Nath Kachroo-A Scientist of Repute

Dr. Prem Nath Kachroo, the legendary Professor and a foremost researcher was a renowned Botanist of National and international fame. His name evokes respect and reverence, he was a teacher with a difference. Besides being a hard task-master guide, a considerate friend and a perfect  human being; h

Mohan Lal Kashmerian

These lines were written as Forward to Prof. Hari Ram Gupta’s biography on Mohan Lal from Allahabad on July 13, 1940. --Editor By Jawaharlal Nehru Many years ago - it is so long that I have forgot ten where and when it was, in England or in India - I came across two battered volumes, heavy w

Prem Nath Pardesi-Prem Chand of Kashmir

By Dr. Brij Premi The people of Kashmir are known for their sharp in tellect, scholarship, artistic imagination and creative potential from times immemorial. They have shown their worth in the varied fields of philosophy, art and literature. Our contribution to Sanskrit, Persian, Dogri, Urdu, Hindi

Prof Raj Kaul – He taught English, the English way

By Madan Mohan Puri I had turned 17 when Independence came in 1947, bringing in its wake an avalanche of miserable refugees, a hefty mass of which streamed into Ferozepur, the town of my birth which almost submerged too in unprecedented flood waters that year. Coping with such overwhelming inunda

Aga Hashar Kashmiri was An Outstanding Playwright

By Moti Lal Kemmu Whenever Kashmiris migrated to other parts of the country for longer times or permanent settlement they were known as Kashmiris because of their language and customs. While speaking Hindi in Hindi-Urdu belt they could be recognized by their accent as well. A Kashmiri can easily

Dr. Ram Mohan Datatreya

By Prof. Ravi M. Bakaya I have known Dr. Ram Mohan Dattatreya for a long time. We were childhood friends in Model Town, Lahore, where his father Pt. Pearay Mohan Dattatreya was assistant editor of the nationalist daily THE TRIBUNE. Mohan, or Mohan Bhai, as he is popularly known among close f

Sham Lal Aima was a creative writer

By Dr. Premi Romani Sham Lal Aima was a well-known short story writer, a poet of good merit and a good social worker of his time. His name, like many others—Vishwanath Dhar Mah. Jummuvi, Dina Nath Dilgir, Tara Chand Saliq, Zanardan Teng Sagar, Sham Lal Wali Tirath Kashmiri, Dina Nath Shahid, Nand

Suraj Bhan

He Died a Lion's Death JAMMU:  He had just finished distributing Shivratri Prasaad of walnuts amongst his collegues. Suraj Bhan a member of the Special Operation Group (SOG) had returned to join his duties on 17th February after celebrating Shivratri, with his family at Udhampur. He was still in a

Major Sushil Aima

‘HAIL, YE INDOMITABLE HEROES, HAIL !’ By Shyam Kaul (Safapuri) In mid-eighties, when young Sushil Aima, a 12th class student, sought admission to the National Defence Academy, he did not inform his parents or any other member of the family. He feared that with the exclusive artistic background

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