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J&K Interlocutors’ report

J&K Interlocutors’ report

J&K Interlocutors’ report : A ‘compact’ to strengthen or weaken the bonds? By Ramesh Manvati June 2012 “…I will not let the Kashmiri Pandit community down. It is a shame that the community has been forced to live as refugees in their own country...”replied Dr. Dileep Padgaonkar i

The Long  Betrayal

The Long Betrayal

PERSPECTIVE The Long  Betrayal By Dr. M.K. Teng June 2012 The reports appearing in the Indian press,  emanating from the statement made by the Home Ministry in the Parliament,  on the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the exodus of the community of Hindus from Kashmir, that not a single family,

Suvir Koul’s & Natasha Koul’s Write-ups in the quarterly of IIC New Delhi

By Prof. M.L. Koul November 2011 In the latest issue of the  quarterly published under the aegis of the India International Centre, New Delhi have appeared two write-ups, 'one Home, two lives' and 'Loving & Losing Kashmir', one by Suvir Koul and the other by Natasha Koul. Suvir Koul is a Prof

Return of Hindus to Kashmir

By Dr. M.K. Teng November 2011 The ethnic cleansing of the Hindus of Kashmir in 1990, is one of the few episodes, which occurred after the second World War, and in which a whole community of people was subjected to genocide and driven out of its natural habitat. The terrorist violence with which t

Geelani is no longer taken seriously in Kashmir

For the benefit of our readers we reproduce an interview of Sh. Sanjay Tickoo, a non-displaced Kashmiri Pandit leader who stayed put all through in Valley. Mr Tickoo talked to Kunal Mujumdar of Tehelka Times in April 2011. --Editor Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s visit to Pandit camps is pointless-Sanjay

The Islamist Impulse

The Islamist Impulse Haunting Pakistan By Ashok K. Behuria April 2011 It is a truism to say that the elite in Pakistan has used Islam to perpetuate its hold on power ever since the state came into being in 1947. The judiciary in Pakistan has been the latest to emphasise its Islamist credentials

Sufi Militants Struggle

Sufi Militants Struggle with Deobandi Jihadists in Pakistan By Arif Jamal April 2011 As Punjab governor Salman Taseer came out of a restaurant in an upscale area of Islamabad, one of his bodyguards uttered the slogan “Allahu Akbar” and fired on the man he was supposed to guard, killing him o

Revisit Policy

Revisit Policy vis-a-vis Kashmiri Pandits By S.M. Pandit January 2011 There have been three significant judgments or interventions by three different courts vis-à-vis Kashmiri migrants recently. The first judgment was delivered by The Delhi High Court. The judgment was delivered on a bunch of p

The Right to Define our Place

By Dileep Kumar Kaul January 2011 We have the habit of taking public space for granted as if it has continuously been there. Yet public space is always the expression of the intentions of some person or institution. Purposes are given to a place by a person or institution and it is put forward as

Pak- Kashmir Separatists’ axis

Is Pak- Kashmir Separatists’ axis coming un struck? By M.M. Khajooria January 2011 Unfamiliar voices were being heard from familiar personages in Kashmir separatist front.  Skeletons were tumbling out of  closets kept securely locked till the other day.  Forbidden words bordering on bla

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