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Return of displaced Hindus …

Return of displaced Hindus to Kashmir the only problem Prof. Hari Om January 2011 New Delhi has wasted enough of its time in Kashmir and achieved nothing whatsoever. Kashmir continues to simmer and pose a grave challenge to the national unity and the very idea of India. In fact, the situation

Islamabad Conference

By M.K. Teng August 2010 The sudden outburst of anger with which the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Syed Mohamood Qureshi, reacted to what happened in the Foreign Ministers' Conference in Islamabad, needs to be considered more seriously. The acrimony which pervaded the conference has brought to sur


Is third world war welcome to wipeout terrorism? By JN Raina July 2010 Pakistan should cease to think of Kashmir. Time is not far away when it will forget about its own existence; when third world war will begin to wipeout Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. The situation is developing fast. Time is ripe

Violent Valley

Time to act tough by Prof. Hari Om July 2010 During the last about 20 days, the Kashmir Valley witnessed violent activities on an unprecedented scale. What had added a new dimension to the ongoing over 20-year-old secessionist and communal movement in Kashmir was the sudden rise of unruly groups

Omar’s Rehabilitation Policy

FIRMING UP INSURGENCY & SEPARATISM By Yoginder Kandhari April 2010 Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, has announced that his government intends to bring back ‘misguided’ Kashmiri youth who have crossed over to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Pakistan, obviously

Kashmiri Pandits – the Victims of Denial

By Mahesh Kaul  April 2010 A lot of hue and cry  was raised by the  J&K government by creating the so called Apex Committee to oversee the return and rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Hindus to their original habitat Kashmir.  The atmosphere was ripe with the speculation of permutations and

Accession of J&K to India is Complete

By Mahesh Kaul  May 2010 The partition of the Indian subcontinent should be seen in the perspective of the Anglo-Muslim alliance that was forged by the British to retain their strategic foothold in the Indian subcontinent to have an access to the Russian activities and the appreciable influence o

Defending the Frontiers

By Dr. M.K. Teng May 2010 After the Foreign Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, the meeting between the Prime Ministers of the two countries in Bhutan, has exposed the inconsistencies in the politics followed by India in dealing with what the Indian Government has called ‘ cross bord

Stake Holders in Jammu and Kashmir

By Dr. M.K. Teng April 2010 When the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh expressed the decision of the Government of India to to take on board all the ‘stake holders’ of Jammu and Kashmir in order to reach a settlement , he was in real terms proposing a paradigm shift in the Indian stand o

The Dissolution of National Frontiers

By Dr. M.K. Teng February 2010 The nature of the failure of Indian Leadership: THE Indian leadership  did  not realize that the   partition of India had also brought about the territorial division of India. They were unable to comprehend the importance of princely States in the determination

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