Centre Silent On Gilgit-Baltistan Lease Issue


Centre Silent On Gilgit-Baltistan Lease Issue: PK

Panun Kashmir Expresses Serious Concern On Lease Issue


*             To awaken and announce its intention to reclaim Gilgat-Baltistan region.

*             To claim Dardic dependcencies as its territory.

*             To withdraw from the so-called peace process with Pakistan.

*             To overhaul its policy vis-a-vis Pakistan & China.

KS Correspondent

June 2012

JAMMU, Mar 2: Panun Kashmir expressed its serious concern and dismay on the Gilgit-Baltistan Lease Issue interacting with the media persons at Jammu on March 2, 2012 the Panun Kashmir leadership discribed it as highly disturbing that the reported lease of the region of Gilgit-Baltistan to China by Pakistan has not evoked the concern and attention that it should have from the Government of India.

The reported lease is a severe blow which Pakistan and China have administered to India. It is more so because Government of India seems to be frantically seeking a peace and improvement of relations with Pakistan including the settlement of the so called dispute of Jammu and Kashmir at this juncture.

The unconcern and unimportance demonstrated by government of India to this development seems to emanate from the traditional policy of government of India of leaving the crucial features of the frontiers of India in the north unclaimed and undefended.

At a time when Pakistani military establishment and the Jihadi war machinery is relentlessly trying to seek a withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan at its terms and conditions, the increased collaboration of Pakistan and China in Pak occupied Kashmir and Northern areas of the state only reveal that Indian pursuit of peace with Pakistan is one sided and almost bordering on humiliation.

During the years of the Cold War, India made no tangible and purposeful effort to recover the occupied regions of Gilgit and Baltistan and hardly took any stance against Pakistan which virtually handed over the whole region to the foreign powers.

Government of India has never chosen to wake up to the reality that Pakistan has always sought simultaneously to create a Pak- American alliance along with a Pak-Chinese Axis along the northern frontiers of Jammu and Kashmir mainly to acquire control of Himalayas to contain the role of India in determining the future Asian balance of power and confine Indian military presence to merely Shivalik plains situated east of the river Ravi.

It is shocking that Government of India is not showing even a semblance of resistance to the strategic and diplomatic offensive of Pakistan and has instead been allowing Pakistan to lay down terms and conditions in all areas and aspects concerning Jammu and Kashmir.

Government of India’s almost silence on the reported lease of Gilgit to China and the contours of its policy to settle the issue of Jammu and Kashmir only reflects a suicidal inclination of Government of India of accepting the division of the northern frontiers of Indian nation as a basis for a future cooperation between India and Pakistan.

Panun Kashmir demands a complete overhaul of the policy of Government of India visa vis Pakistan as well as China. Panun Kashmir urges Government of India to awaken and announce its intention to reclaim the Gilgit-Baltistan region and the Dardic dependencies as the territories belonging to India and withdraw from the so called peace process with Pakistan.