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Concessions to Separatists will jeopardise security of minorities

KS Correspondent

February 2010

Media Interaction

JAMMU, Jan 29: Describing the advocates of concessions to separatists and Pakistan as the overground workers of separatism in the state, Panun Kashmir Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo and reputed political analyst Prof. Hari Om said that any such concessions will not only jeopardise security of minorities in the state but also fuel the Jihad and violence. They also welcomed the attempts of defining threshold of tolerance vis-a-vis Pakistan by a section of GoI and the US appreciation of the same and said that the absence of the definite threshold nourished the caldron of genocide of Hindus.

Addressing a press conference alongwith Dr. M.K. Teng, Chairman Pak Advisory and political think tank, the two leaders decried attempts to seek concessions for separatists and Pakistan under the garb of international pressure.

Asking GoI to make public what national or international pressure is prompting it to appease Pakistan and separatists, Dr. Chrungoo said that there is no inter-national pressure on the issue of Kashmir but on the other hand their is more understanding of the machinations of terrorism across the globe. “We want to know from the Government of India which pressure national or international is prompting it to appease Pakistan and engage in a dialogue with separatists undermining almost every aspect of National Security in the state and the country on the whole, “asked Dr. Chrungoo. Rejecting the Contentions of those in GoI or the US Govt. that concessions to separatism in J&K will help douse the fires of Jihad in J&K, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Dr Chrungoo said, “the concessions to separatism in J&K will lead to a flare up of Jihad in the region, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir state and jeopardise the survival of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists living in the state as well as those Muslims with a liberal opinion”. Lashing out at those political quarters in the state which are advocating concessions in J&K to separatists and Pakistan, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo described them as overground workers of Armed separatism in the state.

Referring to the recent statement of the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates that Al Qaeda and Leshkar-e-Toiba are hell bent upon to crystalise a bigger conflagration between India and Pakistan and the repeat of 26/11 may fuel Indo-Pak war, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo described it a welcome development. “We welcome the opinion of Robert Gates that Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Toiba have a linkage and are working in tandem. It seems the world opinion is gradually rising to the reality that anti-American component of terrorism in the region and anti-India component are essentially the same,” Chrungoo observed.

Welcoming the attempts of a section of GoI to make threshold of tolerance vis-a-vis Pakistan public and appreciation of the same by the US, Prof. Hari Om said, “It seems Robert Gates and the Union Home Minister Chidambaram are on the same page as the latter has many times stated the resolve of the nation to strike back in case of repeat of 26/11 type attack”. “We have constantly maintained that the policy of the GoI of having a vague and almost dissolved threshold of tolerance has nouished the cauldron of genocide of Hindus and other minorities in Jammu and Kashmir” he said.

Referring to the Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari’s reported statement in PoK that struggle for Kashmri is ideological and will continue for 1000 years, Prof. Hari Om said that it has ended any ambiguity but it unfortunate that our political leaders don’t recognise it and are ready to give concessions under the garb of terrorism. Referring to so-called international pressure, Prof. Hari Om said that no sovereign nation works under pressure. He described India a strong nation and asked the GoI to recitify the mistakes made in last 60 years.

He said that the minorities in the state have not given mandate to anyone in New Delhi to decide about their future outside the framework of Indian constitution as they want to strengthen India Union in the state.