Fai’s Arrest in USA – Lessons for India

Isolate those hobnobbing with unfriendly countries- panelists

By S.M. Pandit

November 2011

JAMMU, Aug 6: A cross section of public opinion expressed its grave concern over the hobnobbing of prominent persons across the spectrum with hostile nations and nurturing of these people by the establishment than taking action against them at a seminar organized by PANUN KASHMIR. The topic of the seminar was- Fai’s Arrest in USA, Lessons for India. The seminar was presided over by Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir and Prof. M L Koul, prolific writer and member PK Advisery, Sh B S Slathia, President Jammu Bar Association, Sh Y V Sharma, President Chamber of Commerce and Industries- Jammu, Prof. Dipanker Sengupta, Department of Economics, University of Jammu and Prof. Hari Om, Prolific writer and political thinker were the other speakers.

Delivering his presidential address, Dr Ajay Chrungoo expressed grave concern that the people who are engaged in subversion are unfortunately blue eyed boys of the government of India and are operating as track-2 lobbyists, emissaries and interlocutors on behalf of India and not Pakistan. He described Fai as a symbol of process of destruction and added that we have to understand the support structure of this process of destruction. “ Those Indians who have been now exposed to be in the ISI subversive circuit have been operating for years on track-2 diplomacy and as emissaries and interlocutors not on behalf of Pakistan but on behalf of GoI,” rued Dr Chrungoo. He said that these very people are involved with the triple alliance of Chinese, Anglo-American and Islamic fundamentalist ideology of hurting the interests of India.

The PK leader said that these individuals have no commitment to the Indian unity and values and respect fundamentalism and terrorism as revolutionary. “All these individuals have ideological convergence. They have no commitment to Indian unity. They respect fundamentalism and terrorism as revolutionary and expression of victimhood of deprived sections and they oppose almost all those propositions that strengthen Indian cause in J&K,” opined Mr. Chrungoo. He appealed the Indian nation to assert itself to bringthe nation state out of their clutches by denying them legtimacy in their anti state pursuits; otherwise national interests will continue to remain compromised. “A nation state cannot rest on the branches of its state. It is the masses that create nation state. They are training guns by sitting on our shoulders. We have to deny them our shoulders by continuously dissenting their policy of compromise on national issues,” asserted Dr Chrungoo.

Earlier starting the proceedings, Prof. M L Koul said that the malaise of internal subversion that has almost crippled the policy making process particularly on the issues of national security and described Fai as an element of propaganda machinery. He added that Fai’s arrest in America has only brought out a facet of the problem which has infected the cross section of opinion makers in India who are hobnobbing with agencies of inimical countries and masquerading as peace activists and doing an irreparable damage to the national interests. He said that Fai has been propagating Pakistani line for last 25 years and wondered that India did nothing to expose him. He expressed surprise that this section of so-called intelligentsia is enjoying the hospitality of the likes of Fai and hurting the interests of nation. He described Kashmiri Pandits’ exodus as the worst example of genocide and said that the propaganda cells activated by ISI and sepratists spread falsehood on the issue within and outside the country and the GoI committed treachery by labelling us as MIGRANTS.

Mr. Y V Sharma, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Jammu, said that the Indian government didn’t react to the terrorism in befitting manner and gave the impression of soft state. He added that India should expose ISI and Pak Army and identify the snakes in the grass from within and take proper action against them. He said, “We are witnessing what is happening for last 20 years. We feel helplessness as there is no such reaction from the nation and that is why our state is called a soft state. History tells us that the soft states have been losers in the long run.” Mr Sharma rued that there are many Fai’s in J&K and instead of taking action, they are being protected. He added that they are being provided finances and other support from Pakistan and it is the responsibility of GoI to expose Pakistani ISI and Army and take action against those who are part of the Fai circuit.

Prof. Dipanker Sengupta pointed out how Pakistan harnesses a section of Indian intelligentsia and activists to strike at the roots of India and weaken national resolve. He added that this section is anti India by conviction and those implicated cannot pass judgment on J&K. “Pakistan harnessed power of Indian intelligentsia to strike at the roots of India. The mixture of Red and Green harnessed a handful of intellectuals to weaken our national resolve,’ lamented Sengupta. Coming down heavily on this group, he said that unity, integrity and democratic values do not matter to them and by conviction they are anti India and find India wrong even in the conflicts where India is not involved. Lashing out at those within and outside the government to protect those found involved in Fai circuit, Prof. Dipanker said that those implicated cannot preside over to pass Judgment on J&K and such people should be neutral and at least commitment to the unity and integrity of India. He described Fai as a symptom that illustrates nature of problem in India and added that his arrest is an indication of the problem that the USA is having with Pakistan as his activities were known to the US authorities well in advance.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Hari Om, chided recent Indian Foreign policy vis-à-vis J&K. He said that the recent statement of S M Krishna in Parliament on his talks with his Pakistani counter-part runs counter to the unanimous and historic parliamentary resolution of 1994 on J&K. He referred to the meeting of Pakistani Foreign Minister with separatists and her statement about the outstanding issue of J&K on Indian soil and added that in last 20 years no Pak FM talked of J&K in India in such explicit way. He lashed out at the union ministers who tried to downplay the attendance of Indian’s in Fai’s programmes and advocated for bringing such elements to justice to produce the desired moral effect so that no one can dare to associate themselves with such organizations and individuals. Concluding at a postive note, Prof. Hari Om said that there is hell of difference between Indian state and Indian nation and if the Indian nation had not reacted the state would have given Kashmir to Pakistan on palter.

Sh. B S Slathia, President Jammu Bar Association, said that Fai’s arrest in America has exposed all those individuals in India who claim to be experts, peaceniks and civil rights crusaders but actually further the agenda of anti India forces. He gave a clarion call to the nationalist forces not to tolerate them but to expose them. He said that there are Fai’s even in the government structure. Sh Slathia talked of discrimination with Jammu people and cited the issue of Central University. He said that our survival is at stake and we should unite together to frustrate the designs of inimical forces.