Homeland Day

Pandits Commemorate Homeland Day

K.S. Correspondent

JAMMU, Dec 28: Panun Kashmir held a massive ‘Scooter-Car Rally’ to commemorate the HOMELAND DAY. The Rally that started from the PK office culminated at the Press Club, Jammu. It was on this day in1991 that Kashmiri Pandits passed the historic MARGDARSHAN RESOLUTION. Panun Kashmir described the resolution as the roadmap for the reversal of the genocide and nationalistic solution to the Kashmir imbroglio. Reiterating the demand of HOMELAND, PK said that any attempt to trivilise the genocide and push the community to the servitude of the fundamentalist and sepratists will be suicidal for the community and against the national interest. The organization warned the centre that ignoring the aspirations of the nationalist forces in the state and succumbing to the blackmail of the sepratists and terrorist regimes will ultimately lead to the secession of the state. PK described it the high time for the political establishment to start dialogue with the organization on the demand of Panun Kashmir.

Addressing the rally at the Press club, PK General Secretary Sh Kuldip Raina said that the Margdarshan Resolution is the expression for the political empowerment of the community that has faced long persecution and was hounded out of Kashmir. Accusing centre of trivializing the genocide, PK leader said, ‘Any attempt to ignore the aspirations of the community and push it to the servitude of the fundamentalists and sepratists will prove counter productive for the community as well as the nation.’ He accused the centre of lacking vision as nothing concrete has been done for the political empowerment of the community and prevent the persecution and victimisation. Exhorting the community to have faith and not to feel desperate by the recent developments, Sh Raina said ‘The community should see through the machinations and resolve to frustrate the designs of those from within and outside. The communities that forget their victimisation lay foundation for the victimisation of their progenies.’ Asking centre to revisit its Kashmir policy, Panun Kashmir leader said that by ignoring the aspirations of the nationalist forces the centre is nurturing separatist politics in the state and it is high time for the Indian government to reverse the trend.

Advocating for the reorganization of the state, ASKPSC President Sh O N Trisal said that reorganization of the state with creation of HOMELAND with UT status for the exiled community will defeat the separatist politics in the state and ensure empowerment of all the populace of the state. Alleging the centre for ignoring the nationalists and appeasing the sepratists, Sh Trisal said that the issue of the appointment of the VC for the Central University for Jammu reflects how the genuine concerns of the nationalists are being ignored. He warned that the powers that ignore the nationalist concerns do that on their own peril. Referring to the statement of the chief interlocutor Dalip Padgaonkar about the reasons of the displacement of the Kashmiri Hindus that was carried by  a section of press, the Pandit leader said that if the interlocutors are prejudiced from the outset, they cannot address the issue of exile.

Adresing the rally PK leader Sh B L Koul described the MARGDARSHAN RESOLUTION a historic document in the history of Kashmiri Pandits. He said that the resolution replaced helplessness with hope and disarray with cohesiveness. He added that the community has tagged its future with the HOMELAND demand as it gurantees their political empowerment and protection from further victimisation.

Earlier the Rally passed through Muthi, Barnai, Bantalab, Janipur, BC Road,and reached the Press Club in a big procession of scooters, cars and other vehicles. The rallysts, wearing saffron head-bands, were holding banners, placard and raising slogans in favour of HOMELAND and against the pro separatist and anti community policies of the governments.