India needs to re-evaluate …

India needs to re-evaluate Pakistani Goals and re-invent its response

KS Correspondent

July 2010

JAMMU, May 28: On the eve of Prime Minister’s Kashmir visit, a group of prominent citizens representing different shades asked the GoI to re-evaluate Pakistani goals vis-à-vis India and re-invent its policy accordingly. Terming Hurriyat as creation of Pakistan, Prime Minister was urged upon not to talk to these groups as they are furthering the agenda of Pakistan in India.

Addressing a press conference,  Sh. M.M. Khajuria, ex-DGP J&K Police, said that pan-Islamist terror machine has taken the nation in its vicious embrace and there is an urgency to re-evaluate Pakistani goals and reinvent the response. “What began as a low intensety war by Pakistan to grab Jammu and Kashmir through so-called Jehad has since taken the entire country in the vicious embrace of Islamist terror machine. The terrorists operating from the soil of Pakistan have bled and blasted Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jammu, entire North-Eastern India and of course, Mumbai to cite some major strikes”, he said. Emphasising need for re-evaluating its policy, Mr. Khajuria said,” there is an absolute urgency and urgent need to re-evaluate Pakistani  goals vis-à-vis India, update the perception about the nature and extent of terrorist thrust from across the border and re-invent our response”.

Terming both the factions of Hurriyat as creation of Pakistan, ex-DGP implored Indian Prime Minister not to talk to separatists. “Separatists are actually creation of Pakistan and are supporting terrorism in the State. They want to sabotage the atmosphere in India. During his visit, Prime Minister should not talk to these anti-national elements,” he asked.

Prof. Hari Om, Head Gulab Singh chair the University of Jammu, termed recent revelations of Pak Foreign   Minister a snub to those in India parroting Musharraf proposals and said that vacation of the J&K territory forcibly occupied by Pakistan is the only resolution of Kashmir dispute. Referring to the statement of Pak Foreign Minister Shah Mohd. Qureshi in the General Assembly on 5th May that Musharraf’s policy had extensively harmed the Kashmir cause and we are trying our level best to overcome the loss as Kashmir has been key stone of foreign policy of Pakistan, Prof. Hari Om said that we are now back to square one. “As Pakistan reverts to the old stand, we are now back to square one. There should be no ambivalence whatsoever on the part of any one in India that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. The dispute only revolves  around the vacation of the part of the state forcibly occupied by Pakistan which the unanimous resolution of the Parliament mandated the government of India in February 1994 to get vacated,” he asserted. Terming Qureshi’s statement as snub to the votaries of Musharraf formula. Prof. Hari Om said, “Pakistan foreign minister’s latest policy pronouncement on Kashmir amounted to a shut up call for all those in India who habitually parrot Musharraf proposals on Kashmir as panacea for the strained Indo-Pak relations.”

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo Chairman Panun Kashmir said that Pakistan has unleashed terror and mayhem under the garb of “the diplomatic and moral support” to Kashmiris and India should deal J&K as a component of overall terror war waged by Pakistan and its Islamic allies. “We want to state without hesitation that the terrorism in J&K is not on retreat. The current enemy strategy appears to be to use J&K theatre as a spring board to launch terrorist strikes in the rest of the country while keeping the terror pot boiling locally. He added, “even though the government of India has taken a firm position in respect of Mumbai terrorist attack, the required focus on trans-India nature of terrorism originating from Pakistan is missing. The Indian position must, therefore, relate to the ground realities and categorically shift from dealing J&K as an issue apart and treat it as a component of overall terrorist war waged by Pakistan and its pan-Islamic allies operating from Pakistan with  her connivance.” Referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement in Thimpu that there is trust deficit between India and Pakistan, Dr. Chrungoo asked PM to further elaborate how it could be addressed. Imploring the need for inclusion of nationalist forces in talks, PK leader said,”  Any dialogue without inclusion of nation loving people will not be acceptable to we people. We have not given mandate to anyone to talk on behalf of us.” Terming war against terror as people’s war, Dr. Chrungoo said, “we want to state emphatically that the war against terror in India is the people’s war as each and every citizen of the country is the terrorists’ target. This realisation alone will ensure that the political class is barred from any compromise on the vital issues of sovereignty, national security and territorial integrity of India.”