Indian Leadership of 1947 Lacked Courage and Grit

‘Invasion and Accession of Jammu and Kashmir—Crucial and Fateful Days

Indian Leadership of 1947 Lacked Courage & Grit

KS Correspondent

June 2012

JAMMU, April 7: The leaders, academicians, journalists, and distinguished citizens belonging to the refugee and internally displaced communities from Pak Occupied Kashmir and the Kashmir valley and the province of Jammu participated in a seminar held in the Banquet Hall of Press club Jammu to discuss the crucial days leading to invasion on the state of Jammu and Kashmir by the regular and irregular troops of Pakistan as also the historical facts of the accession of the state with India. The enlightened citizens shared experiences of the fateful days and the failures of the nation that has led to uprootment of Lakhs of Hindus. Those who spoke on the occasion were Dr M K Teng, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Panun Kashmir and an expert on the politics and history of the state, Prof Hari Om, a distinguished historian, analyst, and a prominent leader of Jammu, Sh Yuv Raj Gupta , chairman of POJK (Pak Occupied Jammu and Kashmir)Sangarsh Morcha, Mirpur, Sh V K Sehgal, a senior Jammu based journalist and Chairman of Socialist Republican Volenteers Association (SRVA), and Dr Ajay Chrungoo, chairman of Panun Kashmir.

The Seminar was organized by Panun Kashmir as a step towards documenting unknown facts about the invasion of the state in 1947 and its accession to India. Sh Mahesh Koul acted as the anchor for the programme.

In his revealing and insightful presentation Dr M K Teng revealed that the details of the invasion of the state were available to the then leadership at the helms right from its preparatory stages towards the end of August, 1947. He asked the crucial question as to why did not Government of India act even after the real invasion on the ground started on October22, 1947. “Why was the state left undefended till the actual accession took place? Government of India had the incumbent responsibility to do so even if the accession of the state had not been formalized.” Dr M K Teng said the historical failure of the leadership of Congress Party, Gandhi, Nehru and Patel was that they allowed Muslim League and the British Government to use the States to undermine the integrity of India and sow the seeds of balkanization. Jammu and Kashmir was the most crucial state and the bungling in its affairs has cost the nation heavily and has jeopardized the entire security of the Northern Frontiers of India.

Prof M K Teng said, “Indian State from the very beginning has left the Northern Frontiers of India undefended. Genocide of Hindus in Miprur, Muzaffarabad, Rajauri, Poonch and Kashmir valley has been a result of this attitude as well as the perverted secular vision which the Indian leadership nourished from the very beginning.”

Prof Hari Om in his crisp presentation said that the attempts of early accession were resisted by none other than Jawahar Lal Nehru. He accepted accession not till Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah asked him to do so. Nehru’s dithering was primarily responsible for the creation of the problem in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sh Yuv Raj Gupta While highlighting the glorious resistance offered by the Hindus of Pak Occupied Kashmir during the invasion to the invaders and salvage the state for the nation said the invasion started actually on Sept 11, 1947. He said that it was the irony of History that the day the jihad against the Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir started way back in 1947 is the same day when the twin towers in New York were brought down in the early years of twenty first century. He said the delay in accession was created by the deliberate conditions created by Jawahar Lal Nehru who wanted to create the ground for the takeover of the State by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. He said that Pandit Nehru was forced to accept accession when Mehar Chand Mahajan threatened him that in case he doesn’t accept the accession then he will have no choice but to go to Jinnah. He said, “The days from October 22 to October 26 were crucial fateful days which changed the demographic profile of Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Rajauri and Poonch areas of Jammu and Kashmir. The resistance offered by patriotic forces in these areas who were predominantly Hindus and Sikhs is a saga of glory still unrecognized in the History of the state.”

Sh V K Sehgal said all attempts at peace in Jammu and Kashmir have failed, including the SAARC Summit Declaration in 2004, because they failed to take the refugees on board. “There can be no peace in the state until displaced and uprooted people in the state are taken into confidence and the injustice suffered by them addressed. The four crucial days from October 22 to October 26, 1947 were the crucial days which acted as the game changers in the region and these days can provide an insight into past , present and future of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.” He further said that future generations cannot afford to ignore the atrocities committed on the people during those days in case they have to have lasting peace in the area. “The problems of ethnic cleansing and genocide have to be addressed sooner than the later in the interests of the lasting peace.”

Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman of Panun Kashmir said that there is a great game of genocide of Hindus going which has not been recognized so far. This game of genocide has been far more gruesome than the holocaust of Jews or Armenian Christians. What has befallen on the Hindus and Sikhs of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 and subsequently in 1989-90 is the continuation of the same great, ruthless and murderous game.

He said the Indian leaders blundered or connived in this bloody endeavor primarily because they did not have the courage and grit to stand up to the genocidal war launched on Hindus living in Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir.   This failure will only help in the duplication of the genocidal wars elsewhere in India. We are already seeing the beginning of these murderous campaigns elsewhere in India. He said the attrition and abandonment of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir is related to the mindset of criminal compromise with Muslim Identity politics. It is an expression of negation of secularism and the process is still continuing with impunity. “We have to put a halt to this continuous suicide otherwise India will perish as a nation.”

Sh Shailendra Aima Vice Chairman of Panun Kashmir concluded the seminar by offering the vote of thanks.

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