Indian State Leaning in support of Separatists—Panun Kashmir

KS Correspondent

February 2010

Media Interaction

JAMMU, Dec 14: Drawing parallels between the “Quiet Diplomacy” and the political process initiated by the British Government with the Muslim League before 1947, Panun Kashmir has expressed its deep concern on the development and warned the Indian state that any attempt to view Kashmir issue as a Muslim problem or further exclusion of Jammu and Kashmir from the secular organisation of Indai will lead to the balkanisation of India.

Addressing a press conference at Press Club, Panun Kashmir Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo said that the nationalist opinion in the state is groping in dark about the content of the dialogue process as they have not been taken into confidence. Expressing concern over the development he said, “Panun Kashmir is deeply conceived over the developments accompanying the secret dialogue between the GoI and the separatists in J&K as the process ironically resembles the political process initiated by the British government with the Muslim League before 1947.”

Accusing Indain state of behaving like a mere arbitrator and leaning out in support of separtaists forces, Dr. Chrungoo said, “Government of India appears to be satisfied in assuming the position of an arbitrator between the patriotic and nationalist forces in the state and many a times it seems that GoI is leaning in support of the separatist forces to the dismay and distress of the patriotic people in the state”.

Terming J&K as insperatable part of the indivisible unit of India, the Panun Kashmir leader said that the GoI has time and again committed itself to a find a settlement between what it calls “the stake holders in the socalled dispute in J&K”. “It seems that the forces who are determining the content and the character of ‘quiet dialogue’ which the government of India has started are actually trying to dilute and destroy the natinoal concensus on the indivisible  unity of India of which J&K is an inseparable plant,” he lamented. He added that Panun Kashmir condemns the attempts to reduce J&K into an extra national concern as J&K is an inseparable part of indivisible Indian Union and not a combination of stake holders.

Accusing India of undermining the interests of the minorities, that constitute 40% of the population of J&K, Dr Chrungoo said, For GoI, it seems, peace and reconcilation, has assumed a meaning of only peace and reconciliation with Muslim communal separatism in the state. GoI appears to be blinded more and more with respect of the aspirations of the Hindus, the Sikhs and the Buddhists living in the state”. Warning Indian state against the secret parleys wit the separatists, Dr. Chrungoo said that Panun Kashmir will not accept any dispensation which subjects the Hindus of the state to the servitude of a Muslim state.

Warning India aganist any further exlucison of the state from constitutional  and secular organisation fo India, Panun Kashymir leader said, “Any further strengthening of the exclusion of J&K state from the secular organisation of India by accepting Greater Autonomy, Self Rule or Musharraf Plan will open the way for total balkanisation of India. Any attempt to create Muslim state on the territory of India will ultimately disrupt and destroy unity of India”.

Terming reorgan-isation of the state only solution to the problem, Dr Chrungoo reiterated that the internal reorganisation of the state with creation of Panun Kashmir to the North and East of the river Jehlum is the only nationalist solution to the problems in J&K.

Chairman Panun Kashmir Advisory Dr MK Teng and the PK Secretary Sh. Satish Sher were also present in the press conference.