Jagti Township Sans Basic Parameters


Jagti Township Sans Basic Parameters: PK

KS Correspondent

June 2012

Jammu, Mar 12: A mammoth gathering was organised by Panun Kashmir,Jagti Unit at the Jagti township,Nagrota. A large number of Kashmiri pandit refugees participated in the programmee organised by Panun Kashmir and Jagti Tenements Committe to sensitise the exiled communty about the emrging political scenario in the state. The aim of the public programme was to dispel the atmoshere of gloom and despondency that has engulfed the Kashmiri Pandits rutting up in Jagti township.The inmates of the refugee township have been facing immense pressure and intimidation at the hands of relief organisation who curtailed the freedom of expression of the people so that the multi crore scandal which came to the fore recently is hushed up.

Addressing the mammoth gathering of the Kashmiri Pandits at the Jagti township, Chairman, Panun Kashmir, Dr.Ajay Chrungoo said,” As per the international standards any temporary refugee settlement  should have three basic parameters. These are develoment, freedom and security. Unfortunately, all these three basic arameters are absent in this township which reflects the desondency and desperation of the Kashmiri Pandit refugees in the temporary settlemnet constructed with the sub standard construction material, keeping the peole in the constant fear of casuality and threat. The inamtes of the township should come out with their problems and Panun Kashmir will leave no stone unturned to raise the voice of the inmates at the appropriate fora.”

Dr.Ajay,further said,”The community should reamin cautious about the people within the community who are compromising the political aspirations and future of the community by sacrificing the goal of the resurgence of the community for short time benefits. The resurgence and political empowerment of the Kashmiri andit Community is possible only with the establishment of  the Homeland with uninon territory staus in Kashmir with the free flow of the Indian constitution. The myopic policy of linking the employment package with the return and rehabilitation underlines the policy paralysis of the policy makers. Employment needs to be delinked from return and rehabilitation of the Kashmiri pandits.He apprised the gathering that home ministry recently  is on record in acceting that inpite of linking the employment package with the return not a single Kashmiri pandit family has been resettled safely in Kashmir.”

While addressing the gathering,senior Kashmiri Pandit leader  Pt.  Omkar Nath Trisal said,” Jagti is the mirrror of the Kashmiri Pandit community in exile. Those who will intimidate the Kashmiri Pandits facing the challenges for the right to survival will face stiff resistance from the entire community. We are the victims of genocide and religious cleansing. The theo fascist and Muslim communal foreces rejcted co existence and stabbed the secularism.The solution to all problems of the exiled Kashmiri Pandits lies in the establishment of the Homeland with the union territory status in kashmir.Homeland is the only model that will lead to the political empowermnet of the Kashmiri Pandits.”

Addressing the gathering,Sh. Shadi Lal Pandita,president,Jagti Tenements committee,castigated the middlemen and the former relief commissioner in creating a sense of fear,despondency and desperation among the Kashmiri Pandit inmates as far as the allotment of the rooms is concerned.Lambasting the authorities he said”bribe and arm twisting means  were used to allot the rooms.The administartion is giving flase impression that two room sets are being given .Instead it is the one room set which is being alloted.That too constructed with the substandard material posing constant threat to the life of the inamtes.The  collapse of the rquarter No. 11  in the building no. 86 substantiates the fears of the eople and exposes the multi crore scandal.Kashmiri pandits will return to Kashmir on their own terms and now they will not tolerate any intimidation. The complete rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits is possible only when when is divided into two parts, one for the exile Kashmiri pandits.Jagti Tenemmets Committee suports the Panun Kashmir demand whole heartedly for the creation of the separate homeland for the exiled Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir.”

Senior leader,P.L.Thussu said,” self styled leaders have ruined the community.We are greatful to Dr.Ajay Chrungoo led Panun Kashmir for always reaching out to the Jagti Kashmiri Pandits and helping to raise our issues at the appropriate fora. I suppoart the Panun Kashmir and the demand for homeland but the need is also for asking for the political reservation  for the community in the legislature and parliament. Sate government has not spent a single ruppeee from the state exchequer for the welfare of the exiled Kashmiri Pandits.They have always spent on Kashmiri pandits from the central funds and that too in inapropraite way.”

Well known activist and poet Prem Nath recited his poem  titled “Inteezar” highlighting the desperation and despondency of the Jagti inmates.

Well known leader of the Jagti tenemeents committeee. Sh.Vijay Kaul,while seaking on the occassion said, ‘Keeping in view the inflation and market scenario cash assistance and relief besies age relaxation to youth should be treated on priority.He demanded a comprehensive vigilance probe into the bunglings and allotment of rooms at Jagti township.The agents of the vested intrests should stay at bay.  Otherwise they will be dealt head on.Administration is intimidating the Kashmiri pandits to submit affidavits so that the blame is shifted to innocent people and the culprits are bailed out.We will submit D- forms with prooof and there is no need for the so called affidavits.”

Sh.Kuldeep raina,General Secretary, Panun Kashmir said,” the camp life should improve as exile has given us challenge to uphold our right to life. No compromise should have been madewith the original blue print of the township but it is a reality that it has been compromised .anun Kashmir is conscious about the sufferings of the Kashmiri pandits living in Jagti township.Jagti has to be a model township and it is the fountainhead of the exiled Kashmiri Pandits. No body will be allowed to exploit  our despondent bretheren. We demand that the shops should be alloted to all those peole who have submitted their TDR’s for the same 11 months ago so that the frustation of the people is ended.Panun Kashmir olitics of the Kashmiri Pandit resurgence will move in tandem with the solution of the local problems”.

The programmee was co ordinated by Chand ji Pandita, Sanjay Raina, (Co -ordinators PK, Jagti) and the team of activists comprising of Sunil Raina,Ravi Zutshi,Vijay Kumar Bhat. A large number of Panun Kashmir activists and memebers of Jagati Tenements Committee also participated in the programe.


PK holds activists’ meet at Jagti

KS Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 19: Panun Kashmir organized organised an activists’ meet today at the Jagati Township to take stock of the organizational activities and the developments concerning the displaced community. The participants emphasised that the present challenges . need emphatic and vigorous ‘implementation of the different programmes initiated by Panun Kashmir.

During the meet it was resolved to launch a massive mobilization campaign very soon. Addressing the meet Kuldeep Raina General Secretary said that Panun Kashmir has emerged as the -frontline organisation of Displaced Kashmiri Pandits.  The campaign it launched is as much a response to the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by Islamist sepa ratists as to the apologetic and elitist politics played by a section of the community leadership.  It showed the community how the politics, which sought to make community   once   more   subservient to the communal elements in Valley, would keep the Pandit community in a state of perpetual destabilization.  Panun  Kashmir decided to call the spade a spade and bury the apologetic politics for ever. The practitioners of apologetic politics, feeling redundant with new socio-political awareness in the community, | continue to sponsor slander campaigns   against   Panun Kashmir, he alleged. There is a need to tell people about the role played by Panun i Kashmir in safeguarding the interests  of the displaced community, Raina asserted, Panun Kashmir has given birth   to  a   new   Kashmiri j Pandit who wants to live in Kashmir as an Indian nationalist, he said.

Electricity crisis at Jagti a state sponsored genocide: PK

KS Correspondent

Jammu, May 18 : P K expressed serious concern over the plight of the internally displaced Kashmiri Pandit community which is being clustered at the Jagti Satellite Township, Nagrota. Expressing anguish and shock over the deteriorating electricity facility to the Kashmiri Pandit refugees putting up at Jagti, Panun Kashmir held an emergency meeting of its activists and the Jagti inmates and took stock of the emerging scenario in terms of intimidation of the Kashmiri Pandits residing at the Refugee Township.

The meeting was convened by the Chairman, Panun Kashmir, Dr.Ajay Chrungoo. While speaking on the occasion Chrungoo said,” By resorting to unscheduled power cuts that too for 16-18 hours speaks volumes about the intention of the administration to drive the Kashmiri Pandits living in Jagti settlement to the precipice of desperation when the mercury has reached to almost 40 degree Celsius.

The reason given by the administration that the KP inmates should sign an agreement and agree to metering clearly reveals the apathy and ignorance on the part of the administration, without realizing that the inmates are refugees whose status has not changed .It is only their location that has changed. Their economic condition has not changed.”

Asking the government to explain the rationale behind the unscheduled Power cuts and blocking the power supply to the KP inmates, Dr.Chrungoo said,”The status of the people who have been accommodated at Jagti from Muthi, Purkhoo, Mishriwala and Nagrota one room tenements has not changed as they still continue to be the internally displaced people away from their homeland , neither has their status as relief holders changed.

He said,” Panun Kashmir appeals to all sections of the society and the sensitive citizens to impress upon the administration to stop the state sponsored intimidation and human rights violation of the Kashmiri Pandit inmates of Jagti.

Panun Kashmir will mobilize the public opinion all over the state and country so that justice is delivered to the KP refugees living in inhuman conditions in Jagti.

State of Jagti township worries Kashmiri Pandits

KS Correspondent

Jammu, March 3 The Panun  Kashmir has expressed disappointment and    dismay    over    the response of the state government to the complaints of mismanagement, corruption and nepotism in the affairs of newly-constructed Jagti  Township   for  the migrant Kashmiri Pandits.

In a statement issued here, the Kashmiri Pandit organisation alleged that the state government had indulged in diversion to scuttle the crucial issues, which had come to the fore in this regard. The statement said the state government had promised it would fulfil the inadequacies in the management of the migrant camp affairs and also complete the unfinished construction, work at the township, but nothing has been done so far.

“Large scale seepage and electric short circuits are regular in the township buildings. The report of a recent collapse of a ceiling of a kitchen in building no.  86 is a matter of serious concern and substantiates the earlier . reports. The material used in the construction work has been inadequate and of a substandard quality,” alleged Kuldeep Raina, an activist of the Panun Kashmir.

“The callous attitude of the government is unacceptable and it is bound to provide basic amenities required for living and for that the Panun Kashmir will strive hard. We will not allow our brethren to live such a life,” he added.

Curtailment of Electricity at Jagti Gross Violation Of Human Rights : PANUN KASHMIR

In a press statement issued on May 25, 2012 at Jammu PK  asked community to join hands to deliver justice to KP inmates at Jagti.

Expressing serious concern over the inhuman attitude of the administration over the unscheduled power cuts of 16-18 hours duration in the Jagti Satellite Township, Nagrota for the religiously cleansed Kashmiri Pandits, senior community leader and freedom fighter,Sh.Omkar Nath Trisal,while attending the meeting of activists has said ,” the unscheduled power cuts and restriction of power supply to the Kashmiri Pandits of jagti  for 16-18 hours is the gross human rights violation meant to force the community to surrender their right to life and dignity. The condition of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Jagti refugee township is akin to the condition of the Jews during the holocaust.Jagti has been turned into a Kashmiri Pandit concentration camp where the hapless inmates are being subjected to intimidation and fear. Why  the civil society and the so called human rights activists are silent on the plight of the Jagti inmates. Some hidden agenda to browbeat the Kashmiri Pandits is being implemented in the garb of disrupting the electric supply.”

Kuldeep Raina, general secretary, Panun Kashmir said,” Despite repeated protests and demonstrations the  electric supply of the Kashmiri Pandit inmates of the Jagti township has not been restored.

It is an unfortunate situation where the genuine demands of the inmates are not accepted. By forcing the inmates to sign an agreement and pay the bills is self contradictory on the part of the administration.

As  on the one  hand government designates the Jagti satellite township as the refugee settlement whereas Kashmiri Pandit refugees from various camps have been lodged.By changing the location of the Kashmiri Pandits from Muthi,Mishriwala,,Purkhoo etc,the status of the people  in terms of economy has not changed .The administration needs to pay heed to  the genuine demands of the inmates.” Sanjay Raina and Chand ji Pandita, co-ordinatotors Jagti Township asked the community to join hands with the Jagti KPs to help the inmates to come out of the  atmosphere of desperation and intimidation.