Martyrs Day 2011

Preserve the Memory to preserve the Civilization

November 2011

Panun Kashmir observed the Martyrs’ Day on 14th September this year amidst the din generated by the allegations of massive corruption in the Relief Organization in Jammu. In the days preceding it the newspapers in Jammu had reported extensively about the mismanagement in the affairs at the newly constructed two room quarters (TRTs) at Jagati near Nagrota by the Relief Organization. Panun Kashmir had taken a lead to highlight the apprehensions of corruption in the construction of the TRTs at Jagati and also the atmosphere of fear and intimidation generated by the officials of the Relief Department to smother dissent and disenchantment brewing in the camps against the government handling of the affairs of the camps of the displaced Hindus in Jammu. The public resentment and outcry had forced the state government to shift the Relief Commissioner and appoint in his place a new person to handle the Relief Department. The henchmen of the relief Organization in Jammu were working overtime to dissuade Kashmiri Hindus, particularly the displaced Hindus living in the camps, from joining the main Martyrs’ Day Rally organized by Panun Kashmir near the Press club Jammu. There were unconfirmed reports that some of these henchmen were also planning disruption of the solemn proceedings of the Martyrs’ Day. Ignoring all these efforts aimed at disruption a large number of Kashmiri Hindus participated in the main Martyrs’ Day rally organized by Panun Kashmir near the Press Club in Jammu.

The participation from the Camps in the Rally was not only an indicator of the resentment of the residents of the various Camps in Jammu against the corruption and mismanagement in the Relief Organisation and also against its paid stooges, but also the widespread popularity which Panun Kashmir enjoys amongst the displaced Kashmiri Hindus living even in the Camps. The participants from camps particularly came in matadors decorated by Panun Kashmir banners despite the veiled threats from the government not to participate in the rally. There was participation from all Camps. The residents of the Purkhoo Camp were threatened by the henchmen of the Relief Organisation not to board the matadors going to the rally site. Despite this brazen intimidation the camp dwellers gave these henchmen a slip and proceeded individually to participate in the rally. There was participation from all localities in Jammu. Women from different walks of life from amongst the Kashmiri Hindus also participated in the rally. The rally was conducted in a peaceful and disciplined manner.

The Anna movement against corruption seemed to have influenced the rallysts this year and most of the women participants in the rally were seen wearing Gandhi caps with Panun Kashmir written on it. It seemed Gandh-ian spirit had pervaded the sentiment of the participants on the Martyrs’ day.

The proceedings of the rally were conducted by Sh S K Handoo who started the proceedings by explaining the essence of the occasion after asking the participants to stand up and observe silence to commemorate the martyrdom of all those including the security forces who had fallen victim to the bullets of terrorists in the state since 1990. Leaders particularly from the displaced camps spoke eloquently on the occasion and highlighted the crucial importance of the Panun Kashmir in fighting the onslaught of genocide perpetrated by the Jihadi forces on the Hindu minority in Kashmir valley.

Sh Bhushan lal Bhat from Jagati said that Panun Kashmir movement has become the beacon of resistance against the forces of Intolerance in the state and has played a critical role in exposing the real face of the so called freedom struggle in Kashmir. He said in  a typical Kashmiri folk idiom that Panun Kashmir’s relevance is only increasing with each day .

Sh Pyare Lal representing the Muthi Camp spoke in detail about the dubious role played by some members of the Apex Commi-ttee by acting as the virtual agents of the state government. Sh Pyare Lal who is himself a member of the Apex committee told the gathering that there were many amo-ngst the Apex Committee who did not endorse the government line on return and rehabilitation. He said that unless there is change of system in the state the Kashmiri Pandits cannot return. He said and the change of system essentially means creation of Panun Kashmir.

The displaced Kashmiri Sikh representative  Sh Trilok Singh who is also the member of the apex committee said that the situation in the valley is not conducive for the return of any body and said that only remedy to the problem in Kashmir is creation of Panun Kashmir.

In his Martyr Day speech Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman of Panun Kashmir said that the silence which they had observed in memory of the martyrs like Tika Lal Taploo the first community leader assassinated by the Jihadis on Sept 14 1989 was a reflecting silence which generates introspection and helps in enriching the memory of the Past. He said memory is the immune system of a civilization and its preservation leads towards the progress of the civilization. Dr Ajay explained in detail how the state government’s symbolic return policy was acting as a weapon to continue the genocidal attrition on the Kashmiri Hindus. He said we are not witnessing a return of the displaced but hostaging of the displaced to create a camouflage to hide a communal war unleashed on Kashmiri Hindus. Dr Ajay said those who have returned to get employment have not done so due to normalcy in Kashmir valley but due to compulsions of destitution and naivety. Dr Ajay warned about the role played by certain persons within the community and said that they have acted as fifth column of the communal separatist forces. He further said victim collaborators only increase the viciousness of victimhood. Dr Ajay told the gathering that all those actors who were responsible for their plight are getting gradually weakened. Developments in Pakistan are a testimony of this. He urged the entire community of Kashmiri Hindus, sikhs and all nationalist forces to join hands and fight the communal separatism in the State. Dr Ajay Chrungoo said creating a Union territory of Panun Kashmir in the north and east of river Jhelum is the foremost out of box solution available to the nation in the state to resolve the problems in the state and defeat separatism.

The Panun Kashmir Martyrs ‘day rally was joined by a group of around fifteen persons lead by Sh Amarnath Vaishnavi and Sh D N Kissoo  while the rally was  mid-way through. However the resentment   of the participants in rally regarding the role of Sh Vaishnavi in the Apex Committee was manifest when they started to leave as soon as Mr Vaishnavi took to the dias to deliver his speech.