Martyr’s Day

Panun Kashmir holds Massive Protest Rally

KS Correspondent

November 2010

JAMMU, Sep 14: Panun Kashmir organised a massive protest rally at Press Club, Jammu to observe the Martyrs’ Day. The rally was organised to pay tributes to the martyrs and register protest against the failure of the government to give justice to the community and fight terrorism and secessionism. The people in the rally took a pledge to intensify their struggle for creation of Homeland and oppose all those propositions aimed at weakening the constitutional and territorial integrity of the country. They described it a true tribute to the Martyrs of the community, security personnel and other nationalist forces who sacrificed their lives to uphold the sovereignty of the country and human values.

Addressing the rally, Panun Kashmir chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo described Kashmiri Hindus the direct victims of turmoil in Kashmir and the Martyrs testimony of the struggle against intolerance. “We are the direct victims of the turmoil in Kashmir. We know it better than anybody else what drivers the separatists in the state. We all know separatism represents religious bigotry and extreme intolerance. This day let us pledge to fulfil the responsibility of bearing our witness and telling what is true about seperatism. We are the victims of genocide. So we have responsibility of nourishing the human cause. For us fighting genocide is serving humanity in the best possible way. Our martyrs are testimony of the struggle against intolerance”, he said. Opposing all those machinations aimed at treating Kashmir a Muslim sphere of influence, Panun Kashmir leader said that the community should take a pledge not to live in Muslim State. Dr Chrungoo said, “Let us proclaim today we will not be part of any process which tries to hide the culture of intolerance unleashed in the Valley. Let us say with confidence that we will oppose all those moves aimed at creating a Muslim preserve in the Valley. Let us say with determination that we will not live in a Muslim state”. Terming the movement in the Valley as communal and anti-national in nature, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo lambasted the forces within the country who are trying to give legitimacy to the movement. He said the struggle has communal foundation and attempts of such forces to give its walls plaster of secularism is also now unacceptable to the movement leaders.

He added that for last three months the movement has come in its true colour and even the guise of Nund Reshi and Lal Ded is unacceptable there. He asked the Indian leadership to declare the movement as regressive and intolerant as even secularism, democracy and federalism are termed as affront to the demand of Nizam-e-Mustafa and added that the exile of Hindus bears testimony to what Nizam-e-Mustafa is aimed at.

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo said that the separatist movement is aimed at destroying all freedom of human society and lashed at the so-called human rights champions of likes of Swami Agnivesh and Arundati Roy. He described their support to the separatists as support to successionism of Jammu and Kashmir and not to protection of human or civil rights in the state.

Panun Kashmir leader said that it is universally accepted that self determination right is unacceptable if it is aimed at breaking societies and countries and lashed at Geelani. He described his thinking primitive and added that he lives in Geelani and has yet to prove himself as Kashmiri.

Terming the employment package right of the community, Dr. Chrungoo condemned the state government for making the package conditional and linking it with the return. Reiterating the demand of Homeland, Dr. Chrungoo described it an instrument to defeat terrorism, separatism and reverse genocide and exhorted the community to have faith in it. “Let us proclaim today with all our might and conviction that creation of Union Territory of Panun Kashmir to the North and East of the Jhelum will defeat terrorism, separatism and all challenges to the unity of India as it will reverse the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus”, he asserted.

Sh. O.N. Trisal, President ASKPSC, expressed his gratitude to the Jammuites for welcoming the exiled community and underscored the need of united struggle of Jammuites, Ladakhis and Kashmiri Hindus to fight the secessionist and communal movement. He accused the Central government of nurturing separatism and violence by giving and promising concessions that will ultimately lead to secession. Sh. Trisal accused the majority community of rejecting pluralism and described Homeland a nationalist imperative.

Panun Kashmir General Secretary. Sh. Kuldeep Raina demanded that the employment package should be delinked from return and implemented at the earliest as the community cannot afford to make the future of the youth hostage to the whims of the inimical forces. He thanked the participant for joining the rally in large numbers and hoped that the organisation will get the community support in its endeavour to further the cause of the community.

Earlier Panun Kashmir activists started the rally from Purkhoo Camp and were joined by a large gathering at the Press Club. The activists and others were wearing saffron headgears and black-bands on their arms and reached the venue in a procession of scooters, cars and matadors. There was massive sloganeering in favour of Homeland and against separatism, terrorism and governments’ weak policies. The rallysts were holding banners and placards. Some of the banners and the placards read as- “Terrorism is the end point of intolerance and genocide is the end point of terrorism”. “Govt’s National Policy-Appeasement to terrorists, punishment to patriots,”, “We want Homeland”, “Fight Intifada, Don’t Nuture it”. “Autonomy, Self-Rule-Facets of Secession”. Two minutes silence was observed in respect of the martyrs and  in memory of cloud burst victims in Ladakh.