Noor Ki Shaadi

By  Sanjay Godbole        

June 2011

The Pakistani media from the beginning has adopted  the policy of giving publicity to  those news pertaining to India, which create a negative picture about the life style over there. Whether it is child marriage or Naxalite issue or Maoist issue, the Pakistani media always sensationalized them among the readers. The people of Pakistan though having succumbed to the influence of the Bollywood films, still do not like any Pakistani artist to participate in Bollywood films or any stage show presented over there.

Anita Ayub, originally from (Kashmir), became famous Pakistan as a beauty queen and as a bikini ‘girl of Pakistan. She decided to participate in ‘Miss world beauty contest’ on behalf of Pakistan. But because of stiff opposition in a Pakistan media, she had to retreat from the said competition. The print media of Pakistan has always given wide publicity to Anita Ayub and her affairs. Dev Anand gave her first break in Bollywood in his film Pyar Ka Tarana’ followed by another feature film by Dev Anand tilted ‘Gangster’. Anita received lot of popularity in Pak media because of her comments on Indian Civil Society. According to her, Pakistani women are always more beautiful than were Indian women. “She says, “There is not much physical beauty in India, especially if compared to Pakistan. The glamorous effect is  created totally by the make -up and camera tricks that make them beautiful on screen. They are very simple in dressing in real life. They go to studios in shorts. Very simple ! The  males are quite conceited about their macho, cool looks which generally our men are not bothered about. And I found it very funny that the actors whenever seen in  public have a habit of combing their hair all the time !”

When Anita Ayub stayed in Mumbai she had an affair with one Mr Saumil Patel who was her landlord and a resident of Ahmedabad. On April 13′ 1995 Anita left for New york & then married him and got settled in the United States. No one in Pakistan approved of the fact that Anita Ayub should marry an Indian Hindu. In Pakistan she had intimate relations  with many. Anita knew several young men; It is amazing that she found hers in India. According to her, “ Men out here in Pakistan have a strange attitude. They would say ‘yeh shaadi material nahin hai !” she can be a good girlfriend; I can show her off, but shadi no way ! People thought Anita Ayub was controversial and badmash. Saumil and I did not have a lovey dovey affair. The kind of respect he gave me I thing no man in Pakistan would have given me. I was very outspoken in Pakistan, which people could not digest. I was badmash in Pakistan, how come there was not a single scandal about me in India where there is an open society, men women live together. I was living alone for three years with no restrictions on me. Most people in Pakistan have not believed  Anita Ayub getting married. Many would have doubted. The propriety and the logical sanity  of the man marrying a celluloid  doll who had a mixed plate of scandals, true or false, trailing behind  her “ you know even my friends used to laugh at the idea.”

‘Noor’ is a famous model and an actress in Pakistan. She has acted in Several Urdu and Punjabi films and performed in many T.V. advertisements. Noor was born at Lahore On July 3, 1977. The famous Pakistani actress ‘ Sana Nawaz’ is her cousin. Noor  started film acting since 2000. So far 21 feature films have been released with Noor as a heroine. In the music video of a famous Pakistani Singer ‘Nasibo lal’ the beauty of  Noor is filmed. In 2003 Noor,  had gone for a stage show in Dubai. There she fell in love for one Vikram Seth, a businessman of Indian Origin and married him. Initially there was a great discussion in Pakistani print media whether or not Noor had really married Vikram. After Noor’s marriage Shiraz the father and Mumtaz the mother of Noor declared that they have disowned Noor on account of her behavior and marrying a Hindu against the dictates of the religion and the norms established by culture and traditions. Noor is in the glamour show business, since she was only 5.  All her income is being grabbed and hogged by her parents, about 17 feature films and 6 T.V. serials are on way of release. Noor’s parents are making these statement only due to the,  fear that they shall be deprived of  the said income, and that  Noor has stopped all the payments to them, said Fazal Shah manager of Noor.

The reports of defamation of Noor by her parents on account of the fact that Noor married a person who is a Hindu of Indian origin were published and were given a wide publicity. Vikram has promised Noor to see that she gets suitable roles in the feature films in Bollywood and therefore this gave rise to another discussion of whether Noor will go to India and whether the reigns of the transactions and the controls of, Vikram’s offices in Mumbai and United Arab Emirates will be headed by Noor. Some people in Pakistan also took out the procession  rally to protest and to express disapproval the marriage of Noor at her city.

In the year 2003 Noor returned to Pakistan and her parents locked her in their house. Noor had to file an application in Sessions court of Lahore and had to get herself released with the help of the court’s order. Noor  after being released was kept in the welfare centre. Noor then pleaded in the court that her parents had threatened to kill her.  Noor’s father Shiraz, made a statement in the court that they would  never approve of Noor’s registered marriage with a Hindu and that the whole prestige of their family had since been razed. This way  Noor left Pakistan for Dubai. Noor received a wide publicity in Pakistan on account of her marriage with a Hindu, rather than her acting in the films.

After staying in Dubai for seven years, one day Noor returned to Pakistan unexpectedly and started working in a T.V. serial. There was rumour that she would marry again with one Mr Farookh Mayangal, her colleague and producer of films.  The  type of reporting in news media which took place at the time of her the first marriage  was almost repeated this time also. When Noor went to Dubai once again, filed a F.I.R. against Vikram there. Many reports to the effect that Noor deserted Vikram since she did not bear any  issues from him were published. In the weekly edition  of Nawa-e- waqt (family magazine) in Urdu, an exclusive interview of Noor was published. In this  interview,  Noor is stated to have said that marrying Vikram was the greatest folly in her life and that she has been divorced from Vikram. When at the end of this interview, Noor thanked her fans, Nawa -e- waqt commented that all the fans of Noor were cursing her on account of her marriage  with a Hindu and as an aftermath of it  her marriage went on rocks. She was also further advised not to venture into  Dubai as many more wolves (Like Vikram) would be there in the offing. When such debates in Pakistan’s media were in full swing, Vikram  sent an explanatory statement clearing his take on the issue. According to Vikram he was legally married to Noor in the  courts of Dubai and because he has not divorced Noor yet, his marriage with Noor still stands and is valid, and that Noor is his wife.

After receipt of this explanation from Vikram, Nawa-e- waqt has taken a somersault and, said that it is the court only which  will decide who is right or wrong. Very hypocritically, it further says that they have been given a revelation (by Him) as to why should they poke their nose in someone’s personal and private life. When there are formidable problems in front of Pakistan such as unemployment, dearness, extremists and terrorists, poverty and floods, attention  should  not be diverted    to such accounts. “There are many agonies before the  society other than the (trivial) issues like marriage !”

*(The author is a museologist/archeologist based at Pune)