Panun Kashmir Holds Activists Meet


Panun Kashmir Holds Activists Meet

KS Correspondent

June 2012

JAMMU,March 17:: Panun Kashmir organized an activist meet today to take stock of the organisational activities and the developments concerning the displaced community. The participants emphassised that the present challenges need emphatic and vigorous implementation of the different programmes initiated by Panun Kashmir. The meet resolved to launch a massive mobilization campaign.

Addressing the meet Kuldeep Raina General Secretary said that Panun Kashmir has emerged as the frontline organisation of Displaced Kashmiri Pandits. The campaign it launched is as much a response to the genocide imposed on Kashmiri Hindus by Islamist separatists as to the apologetic and elitist politics played by a section of the community leadership. It showed the community how the latter politics, which sought to make community once more subservient to the communal elements in Valley, would keep the Pandit community in a state of perpetual destablisation. Panun Kashmir decided to call the spade by its proper name and bury apologetic politics for ever. The practitioners of apologetic politics, feeling redundant with new socio-political awareness in the community, continue to sponsor slander campaigns against Panun Kashmir. There is a need to tell people about the role played by Panun Kashmir in safe guarding the interests of the displaced community, Raina asserted.

Sh. Raina said that Panun Kashmir continues to play a path-breaking role in evolving survival strategies for Pandit community. Panun Kashmir has given birth to a new Kashmiri Pandit who wants to live in Kashmir as an Indian nationalist, with fully restored economic, social and political rights. This Pandit rejects the strategies of’ tokennist return’ or ‘symbolic presence in the Valley’. He wants to reclaim his homeland as a matter of right. Panun Kashmir rejects any dialogue covert or overt with communal, fundamentalist and secessionist elements in Kashmir.

While concluding his address Sh. Kuldeep Raina said that Panun Kashmir activists are emerging as role models for the community. It is the commendable job done by Panun Kashmir that Kashmiri Pandits are emerging as central element in Kashmir solution. There is a Pandit question because there is movement of Panun Kashmir.Our civil society and the common people have to supplement the role played by Panun Kashmir. We need to strengthen our cadres especially the youth . Our youth have to come forward and join the movement. This is the time when youth of the community should shoulder the responsibility. Almost one generation of the community has borne the brunt of displacement but secured the future of coming generations to a great measure. The youth owe much to the community and the nation. We have great hopes on them.

To ensure the participation of the youth, we have decided to involve them for the job. Sh. Mahesh Kaul an up coming youth leader will be Secretary for youth affairs and publicity. He will be assisted by another dynamic youth  Sh.  Ajay Khosa as the coordinator. Both  of them will assume their responsibilities with immediate effect. We have also decided that from now onwards Sh. M.K. Dhar will be press secretary and have requested Sh. S.K. Handoo to be part of our Advisory Council.

Among those who addressed the activists included Sh. B.L.Kaul, SH. S.K. Sher and Sh. S.K.Kitchloo.