Panun Kashmir Organises Activists Meet

Panun Kashmir Organises Activists Meet

KS Correspondent

June 2012

JAMMU, Feb 28: Panun Kashmir has watched with utmost disappointment and dismay the response of the state government to the complaints of mismanagement , corruption and nepotism in the affairs of newly constructed Jagati camp. It is highly intriguing that the state government has mainly indulged in subterfuges and diversion to scuttle the crucial issues which have come to the fore in this regard. Panun Kashmir brought these issues to the fore many a times with the hope that the state government will look into these matters. The state government had also given to understand that the government will fulfill the inadequacies in the management of the camp affairs and also complete the unfinished construction work of the camp and also improve the quality of construction wherever required. After taking a stock of the situation we feel that nothing substantial has been done by the state government so far. Most of the ceilings and walls of the quarters have developed cracks. Large scale seepage and electric short circuits is a regular feature. The reported recent felling down of the ceiling of the kitchen  of Qtr. No. 11, Bldg. no.86  is a matter of serious concern and substantiates the earlier reports and our concern  that the material used in the construction work has been  inadequate and of substandard quality.

Addressing the activists of Panun Kashmir Sh. Kuldeep Raina said that the callous attitude of the govt. is unacceptable and  the govt. is bound to provide the basic amenities required for living and for that Panun Kashmir will strive hard . We will not allow our breathren to live a second class citizens life. It is high time  to enhance the Cash assistance and other facilities, said Kuldeep Raina. He said that one of the agendas of the organization is to improve the living quality of the camp inmates and for that our activists will be there round the clock. To improve the communication between the organization and the masses and to implement the programmes and policies of Panun Kashmir, we have decided to appoint two Coordinators with immediate effect. Sh. Sanjay Raina and Sh. Chand Jee Pandita  will coordinate the activities of Jagti from now onwards, declared Kuldeep Raina. Concluding his speech Sh. Raina demanded that:

A thorough and speedy probe into the allegations of corruption and bungling in the construction of two room tenements at Jagati.

An immediate assurance from the state government that proper  construction material has been used in the construction work and there is no danger to the inmates because of poor quality of construction material.

An immediate redressal  of the complaints of the inmates of Jagati with regard to power supply, ration supply, gas supply water and transport.