Press Brief

January 2012

Press Brief of the statement issued during the press conference addressed jointly by Panun  Kashmir Chairman Dr Ajay Chrungoo,  Chairman of Advisory Committee of Panun Kashmir Dr M K Teng  and Sh Jagan Koul, Chairman of the Diversity USA, a national democratic  THINK TANK for minority affairs in USA on 21-11-2011 at Jammu.

Panun Kashmir and Diversity USA exchanged and shared views on the state of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir in the light of happenings in Pakistan and Afghanistan as also the plight of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus. Both are of the view that the handling of affairs in the state by Government of India has been disgusting.

Government of India is fast squandering the historic opportunity of a very favorable international environment and the consequent awareness that Pakistani State is the epicenter of International terrorism. Instead of strengthening the national position in the state and dealing a decisive blow to Islamist separatism in the state, Government of India seems to be engaged in a process of granting crucial concessions to Pakistan as well as Separatist constituency in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government of India as well as the state government are involved in  recognizing and engaging the most communal and radical Islamist formations, as well as their leadership in the state, as legitimate political forces who can deliver peace. This entire approach is shameful and also dangerous.

The Government of India has not embarked upon a process of return of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus by addressing the critical issue of the reversal of their Genocide .It has instead unleashed a policy of their abandonment  to hand them over and submit to the political order as is existing now in the valley.

The Relief Organisation created for ameliorating the plight of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus has been gradually turned into political department to generate dismay, disarray, and desperation amongst Kashmiri Hindus living outside Kashmir valley. This organization has also become a symbol of corruption.

The small numbers of Kashmiri Hindus who have returned are in an atmosphere where freedom of expression is seriously curtailed. They have to keep silent for safety and listen to the prodding of both the separatist establishment as well as the government.

Both Panun Kashmir and Diversity USA will pool their efforts to bring to the light of the world at large that the separatist campaign in the Kashmir valley is becoming the epicenter of terrorism in India. Both Panun Kashmir and Diversity USA will also make the world aware about the fraud being perpetrated of Kashmiri Hindus in the name of return policy and dangers to their life, dignity and cultural identity.