Press Conference

November 2011

Panun Kashmir delegation visited the newly constructed Jagati Camp at Nagrota twice recently to take stock of the facilities at the new camp and also to assess the quality of construction of new accommodations for more than 4000 families shifted from various camps located around Jammu.

For the whole fact finding delegation the experience has been appalling. Just entering the Camp exposes one to stench and foul smell from the manholes constructed for sanitary waste. Even while sitting in the parks inside the camp site one is exposed to the stench, not to speak of families living in the quarters closer to the man notes and soakage pits. At many places in the residential quarters there are sanitary leakages at sanitary pipe joints.

Water Seepages can be seen openly along the walls and roofs of the quarters at many places. Water seepage into electric fittings has on man/occasions caused electric short circuits. The plasters of the walls in the quarters at many places are peeling off on slight rubbing showing the poor quality of construction material used. The Pillars along the balconies at many places have shown cracks and even collapsed at a few places.

Whole of Jagati Camp site has till now only one ration depot. There are two ambulances available but they are not available during night time when their services are urgently required. The police security is in the form of a few police personnel. Cooking Gas supply to the camp is scanty.

Matador service to the Camp is still inadequate. As per residents of the Camp the government has issued 50 permits for the matadors and amongst them only 10 are functional.. Normal fares from Jammu to Sainik school Nagrota is Rs. 8 while the fare from Indira Chowk to Jagati Camp is Rs. 10 even as the distance is almost one kilometer less

Schools have scanty furniture. Fans were installed after repeated complaints by the residents of Jagati. There is no watchman in the camp schools after the school hours and hence no protection for computers, laboratory equipment and the books in the library. Bathrooms in the schools are yet to be completed for use.

There is no place for cremation of dead bodies which is most appalling for the residents of the camp.

The power supply to the camp is infrequent with almost 10-14 hours power cuts every day, There are power cuts even on public holidays and festivals. Water supply is irregular. There was no water in the Camp even from the evening of Aug 10 till the evening of Aug 13. The camp residents were without water supply even on Raksha Bandhan day as per the residents of the camp.

The small shopkeepers in the previous camp sites from amongst the camp dwellers were promised shops so that they can help in their own self-employment. They were asked to deposit RS 35000 each person to be entitled to —hop facility in the new camp. As per Camp residents more than 350 small shop keepers have applied for the shop facility in the camp after depositing their money, Only 50, as per the residents of Jagati Camp have so far been provided the shop facilities. Those who have not been allotted are facing the specter of unemployment once more. The camp residents say that camp residents are discouraged from having shops which can provide them self-employment while encouraging those who can build shops outside the camp periphery by spending huge sums, The periphery of camp has been kept without fence for the same reason and the proposed market place is at a wrong place. There are complaints of many from amongst the Camp resident that quarters were not allotted in a fair and honest manner People complained that the model quarters shown to Prime Minister are qualitatively better and yet to be allotted. In fact some of these quarters were allotted to persons around the time of the Prime Minister’s visit but were asked to return the keys immediately after the visit.

Panun Kashmir has asked a team of experts to assess the quality of construction work in the Jagati camp after comparing it with the proposal which the government had circulated before starting the work at Jagati. The team of experts will assess the reasons for seepages of the walls and roofs, leakages of the sanitary pipes, soakage pits and manholes. Panun Kashmir will come out with a detailed assessment of the whole matter including allegations of rampant corruption and inform the public opinion accordingly.

Panun Kashmir urges the government, to immediately intervene to look into the safety of the newly constructed quarters at the Jagati Camp, assess the nature of cracks and seepages that have appeared in the pillars, walls, roofs and other places of these quarters, and take the corrective measures, it also urges the government to look into the sanitary condition in the entire camp which if left unattended can lead to a health disaster. Panun Kashmir asks the government to put in proper place all the arrangements regarding ration depots, health care, school and market facilities as well as; transport and security.