Press statement issued by Dr Ajay Chrungoo

Brief of the press statement issued by Panun Kashmir to the media during the media interaction addressed by Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir, Dr. M.K. Teng Chairman Advisory Panun Kashmir, Sh. O .N. Trisal, senior leader and President ASKPSC and Sh. Kuldeep Raina, Gen. Secretary Panun Kashmir at Jammu on 27-7-2010.

panun Kashmir looks  with utmost concern the deteriorating situation in the Kashmir valley. No organ of the society there seems to have been left unaffected by the ongoing separatist, secessionist campaign.

The race of competitive secessionism and communalism has been on full display in the valley for quite some time now. The cycles of public frenzy being generated there have almost crippled the functioning of the government.

The reports appearing in the public sphere, from time to time, underline the possibility of a widespread collusion between the separatist forces leading the campaign in the valley with elements operating within the administration and mainstream political establishment.

Also the reports of infiltration from across the border and LoC are pouring in almost on daily basis. The possibility of replenishment of terrorist cadres as well as their weaponry and other logistics has enlarged significantly in the current environment in the state as well as the region. The situation seems to be pregnant with the possibility of one more ghastly mischief by the terrorist regimes operating in the state.

The situation in the valley appears to us to be worse than that existed when massacres of Hindus at Sangrampora, Wandhama or Nadimarg, took place. In such a situation it is baffling for us to understand as to why the state government is persisting with its policy of implementing the Prime Minister’s employment package only if Kashmiri Hindus agree to return to the valley.

In the eventuality of any mishap , both the state and central governments are liable to be charged with willful negligence and they cannot hide behind the written undertakings being forced on the Kashmiri Hindu candidates selected for recruitment in the valley.

We want the state government and the central government to impartially take stock of the situation and not brush our legitimate apprehensions below the carpet. We appeal to the chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and the prime Minister of India to realize the gravity of the situation and intervene decisively by delinking the employment package for displaced Kashmiri Hindus from return to the valley and shift all the new posts created to Jammu where the situation is stable as well as secure.

Press statement issued by Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir on 29.7.2010

KS Correspondent

Reports appearing in the press that the state government has refused to implement that part of the Prime Minister’s employment Package for the displaced Kashmiri Hindus for which it has to bear the expenses once again exposes the perfidy and the bias of the mindset guiding its policies with regard to internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus.

The State government has taken the plea as per the reports that it is doing so because of the limitations imposed on it by the state constitution as well as lack of financial resources. The approach underlines an ideology of exclusion and brazen communalism. Does the state government not consider Kashmiri Hindus as the bonafide subjects of the state? Which provision of the state constitution imposes a restriction on the state government to employ Kashmiri Hindus in the government services?

The contention of the state government that it does not have the financial resources to implement the Prime Minister’s employment package is no less communal and biased. The state government has no dearth of financial resources when it declares to employ thousands of Kashmiri youth who have been involved in terrorism as well as the stone pelters who have launched a quit Kashmir movement in the state.

We urge the government of India to understand the implications of the policies pursued by the state government with regard to internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus. On one hand it is using the financial resources kept at its disposal by the  Government of India for the employment of Kashmiri Hindus to coerce them to submit to the political imperatives pursued by national conference and return to valley at the will and mercy of the very forces which pushed them out. And at the same time it is shame facedly refusing to bear any responsibility to ameliorate the plight of the displaced Kashmiri Hindus. The state government seems to have virtually started the process of declaring Kashmiri Hindus as non- state subject.

It is high time the Government of India realizes that the cardinal features of the state government vis a vis Kashmiri Hindus have been to perpetuate destitution amongst them as well as exclude them from all spheres life in the state. By perpetuating destitution the state government has only tried to undermine the will of Kashmiri Hindus to stand up to communal separatism in the state. By abdicating its responsibility to come to the help of the displaced persons by citing misplaced and false administrative or constitutional reasons the state government seeks to push Kashmiri Hindus out of the state permanently.