Prominent Kashmiri Pandit Meet

“Situation serious, delink employment package from Return”: PK

By S.M. Pandit

July 2010

JAMMU, July 4: Expressing grave concern over the deteriorating situation in the Valley , Panun Kashmir has asked for delinking the Prime Minister’s employment package from return at the earliest. The organization also look handful of community leaders to task for misguiding the community youth on the issue and converting the tragedy into farce. Panun Kashmir also condemned state administration for allowing a section of media to preach secessionism and communalism but initiating action against three English Dailies of Jammu for reporting about a religious place. A resolution was passed in the meeting condemning the government action.

Addressing a community meet, Panun Kashmir, General Secretary, Sh. Kuldeep Raina said that the recent upsurge in the Valley, particularly in reference to slogans about the employment package, has vindicated the PK stand that situation is not conducive and the package shall be delinked from return at the earliest. He said that the announcement of the package by Prime Minister was the outcome of the twenty year long struggle and the package was no-where linked to return in its original form. Sh. Raina rued that the state government manipulated the package and unfortunately the so-called Apex Committee  accepted it.  “The conditions attached to the package by the state government was an attempt by it to sabotage the package at the onset. Instead of ameliorating the conditions, the government turned the package into a bait and vested interest in the community accepted the same without reservations,” Sh Raina lamented. The PK leader said that a minuscule community leadership is nurturing the vested interest and responsible for creating confusion and hurting the community interests. Making a passionate appeal to the community to see through the machination, Sh Kuldeep Raina said, “through credulity and machinations of majority community, political leadership and bureaucracy, we shouldn’t make our younger and future generations hostage to uncertainty and communal politics”.

Referring to the distribution of literature of by some Kashmir based group to the pilgrims in the premises of the Mata Ksheer Bhawani Shrine, PK General Secretary said that the community has no problem in gaining knowledge of any religion but we have to understand the mentality behind the distribution of the material. He regretted that some yatris contribute to the desecration of the revered Shrine by entering the Shrine with shoes or throwing the waste into “the  Holy Spring”.

Reacting to the action against three English dailies of Jammu, Sh. Kuldeep Raina said that media is expected to behave responsibility in all the situations. “But it is unfortunate that the State administration is allowing a section of media to propagate secession openly and the action was initiated against three papers on the issue of a newspaper report in which veracity of the government claim is suspect”, he added.

Panun Kashmir Advisory member, Prof M.L. Koul said that the situation has worsened since 1990 when Pandits were forced to leave Valley. He said that we should learn from history and not forget how our men were brutally killed and referred to the slicing of a Pandit lady alive on mechanical saw mill. He added that such barbarism was not even witnessed  in Hitler era but in Kashmir the meet3barbarity was introduced by the Muslim ruler Haider Shah. Prof Koul said that Panun Kashmir reflects on all issues with application of mind. Referring to the employment package, Prof. Koul said that a handful of community men are converting a human tragedy to farce for their vested interests and the community brethren shall apply their intellect to save their children from the situation that has led to our exodus.

Speaking on the occasion, ASKPSC President Sh. O.N. Trisal said that Panun Kashmir doesn’t reject the employment package and, infact, it was the leadership that forced Prime Minister to commit on the issue in the RTC-II. He added that a lot of our youth are in distress and we appeal the government to delink the package from return. He said that the separatist, terrorist and mainstream political leadership are the facets of the same communalism in one guise or the other. Referring to stone pelting, Sh. Trisal said, “It is in their blood and same is being witnessed since Sher-Bakra rivalary”. Sh O.N. Trisal said that we should read history to draw lessons for future and should not forget our victimization. “Jews didn’t forget their victimization and transferred their tragedy into their triumph. We should emulate the same,” he added. Sh Trisal lashed at the community leadership that is changing its stance, confusing the community and sacrificing its interests. Sh. O.N. Trisal said that the return at present juncture has no divine sanction and referred to the statement of a revered saint who had vision of his Guru asking him to tell the community leadership not to prolong their exodus by visiting Valley prematurely.

Prof. M.L. Tiku said that Kashmir has been turned like “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as Jehad, Communalism, Poppy and Bangh Cultivation have become features of the society there. He described talks with separatists outside media glare an attempt that lacks sincerity.

Earlier initiating the programme, Panun Kashmir Secretary Sh B.L. Koul said that the state government through its manipulation and sanction by their agents within the community turned the employment package as a journey for conversion or journey for imprisonments. He added that the community cannot forget the acts of the likes of Yasin, Javed or Bita Karatey.