Self Proclaimed leaders are bounty hunters

Self Proclaimed leaders are bounty hunters: KP’s

KS Correspondent

June 2012

Panun Kashmir organised a meeting of the Kashmiri Pandit community, on April 29, 2012 at the Invitation,Banquet Hall, Roop Nagar, Jammu. The meeting was attended by a large number of people from the Kashmiri Pandit community.The entire gathering present on the occasions expressed great anguish over the meeting of the so called Kashmiri Pandit representatives with the Kashmiri Muslim separatist leadership including Ali Shah Geelani and Omar Farooq.The community members termed these people as bounty hunters and traitors  who are selling the desperate and despondent ethnically cleansed Kashmiri Pandits for their vested interests.

The gathering was attended by the Kashmiri Pandits from various camp settlements  which includes TRT Muthi,TRT Nagrota and Jagti,Nagrota as well.

While speaking on the occassion Sh. B.L. Bhat from jagti castigated the so called Kashmiri Pandits representatives who met the separatists as fifth columnists who are bent to keep the already desperate Kashmiri Pandits as hostages of pan Islamism.

Sh.P.L.Raina  a camp leader from Muthi expreesed great shock over these developments and asked the community members to remain vigilant from the forces within the community who are self seekers and middlemen.He also expressed dissatisfaction over the composition of the Apex committee and said that the committee is not represented by credible people.


Sh P.L. Dhar, president, TRT, Nagrota cautioned the kashmiri Pandit community to  be vigilant from these people who are acting as the collaborators of the enemy.He said how can the community forget the martyrdom of the brothers and sisters like Late Sarla Bhat who was axed to death by the Muslim separatists and fundamentalist.We will not allow their sacrifice to go in vain.

Sh Raj Nath Raina,a president Magam Bangil Sabha said that those people who have collaborated with the enemy, who ethnically cleansed the Kashmiri Pandit community should be socially boycotted from the community. and the solution to reverse the genocide is not the collaboration with the enemy but the carving out of the separate homeland with the union territory status for the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir with the free flow of Indian constitution.No body will be allowed to hold the Kashmiri Pandits as hostages to the Kashmiri Muslim communalism and fascism.

The firebrand leader of the community and veteran freedom fighter Pt.Omkar Nath Trisal lambasted the group of so called Kashmiri Pandit representatives who met the Hurriyat leaders and called them self seekers who lack vision and clarity.He said that these these people have lost the memory of the Kashmiri Pandit holocaust and thus they have sided with the persecutors of the community as these people are inflicted  with the sickness of slavery.He said that the community is in a state of war and for fighting the war to restore the righteousness and the free flow of indian constitution  the entire community has declared its ideological clarity and vision in terms of Margdarshan Resolution of 1991 in which it was resolved to strive for the separate homeland for the entite Kashmiri Pandit community in Kashmir.The community will never deviate from this nationalist goal.

Expressing his opinion on the occassion,Dr.Ajay Chrungoo, chairman, Panun Kashmir said that the community is facing a war of attrition and we are in the forefront of this civilisational war.He said those people who are hob nobing with the separatists are surendering the kashmiri Pandit community to the persecutor who wants the attestation from the persecuted community that the separatist movement motivated by pan Islamism is not communal and regressive but secular.It is a trap laid to keep the Kashmiri pandit community as hostage of the theo fascist and communal society led by the jihadist operatives.those Kashmiri Pandits who went to meet Geelani and Omar Farooq are acting like the Jewish collaborators who joined the enemy ranks to send their community members to the concentration camps with the hope that they will go Scot free.

The mamoth gathering passed the declaration unanimously  which states in its operative part that ,” This act has brought disrepute  to the Kashmiri Hindus’ glorious history of sacrifice  for the Indian social and political values and their  immense contribution to the Indian civilisational continuity.

Kashmiri Hindus are convinced  that the types of Geelani,Mirwaiz and others like them  have presided over  their religious cleansing and genocide.Giving such leadership even a semblance  of credibility is  abhorrent to patriotic  Kashmiri Hindus as it is to any upright peace loving and freedom loving human being.

The reality of the types of persons who constituted  the group that met  the Hurriyat leaders  recently is  very well known  to the entire community .For Kashmiri Hindus they are nothing more than  self seeking  bounty hunters  who are ready to  work for  anybody  and everybody  be it government  agencies  or separatist network.The Kashmiri Hindus who met the Hurriyat leaders  recently are not  a part of us .We disown their activities .We want to state unambiguously  that they represent only themselves or their masters  at whose behest  they work.”

The gathering also condoled the untimely demise of Amit Raina,a young Panun Kashmir activist who was suffering from cancer. Even on his deathbed he was speaking for achieving homeland and asked the community members to realise the dream of homeland at all costs.

The programme was co ordinated by Sh.B.L. Kaul.