Separatists misusing …

Separatists misusing freedom of Expression-PK

(Text of the statement issued during media interaction addressed jointly by Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Dr. M.K. Teng and

Sh. O.N.Trisal on 29th Nov, 2010 at Jammu)

Panun Kashmir takes seriously the campaign started by the separatist forces of Jammu and Kashmir to solicit support for their seditious objectives in different parts of India. Panun Kashmir” seeks to warn the people of India that any legitimacy accorded to the campaign of preaching and promoting sedition under the cover of freedom of expression will be disruptive of the national unity.

Panun Kashmir holds the firm view that the separatist ideology in Jammu and Kashmir has nothing to do with the principles of freedom. Separatism in Jammu and Kashmir is essentially a regressive campaign to destroy the freedom of people living in the state and create an Islamic State. The separatist ideologies of various hues are essentially using the freedom guaranteed by a democratic and secular constitution to destroy all the human rights as well as fundamental rights which a modern society should have. There should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that the separatists in the state are relentlessly pursuing the agenda of establishing a Theo-fascist political organization. Their words and deeds over the  years have made it amply clear.

Panun Kashmir wants to make it clear to everybody that the separatists in the state are not fighting any battle of ideas but are essentially working to impose a ruthless religious hegemony to destroy the potential of a society for ideas and creativity.

They are using the tolerance of a liberal society to perpetuate intolerance.

The cardinal lesson of handling the secessionist movement in J&K by various govt’s at the helms in the state from time to time since the accession of the state with India is only: one Soft secessionism only complements and nourishes frank secessionism. Patronizing communalism destroys secularism.

Panun Kashmir calls upon all people of India to proactively contest separatist campaigns anywhere and everywhere.

Panun Kashmir calls upon all not be misled by those who advocate that freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution of India is blanket immunity for preaching and promoting perspectives which negate the Constitution itself.