Suvir Koul’s & Natasha Koul’s Write-ups in the quarterly of IIC New Delhi

By Prof. M.L. Koul

November 2011

In the latest issue of the  quarterly published under the aegis of the India International Centre, New Delhi have appeared two write-ups, ‘one Home, two lives’ and ‘Loving & Losing Kashmir’, one by Suvir Koul and the other by Natasha Koul. Suvir Koul is a Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania and Natasha Koul is also an academic and writes  fiction. Curiously, both of them happen to be the progeny of Kashmiri Pandits who have been treacherously expelled and exiled from their homes and hearths in Kashmir by the genocidal killers laced with deadly weapons, guns and grenades, supplied to them by Pakistan.

The substance of the two write-ups establishes the dubious credentials of the two worthies as intellectual and psychological dupes to the barrage of lies, half-truths, falsehoods, fibs and fables that have been profusely fabricated, churned out and orchestrated by the terrorist-cum-secessionist machine tasked to paint India in the darkest and gristliest colours. It is a sheer ‘smear campaign’ meticulous in its pursuit of the sinister design of disfiguring the democratic visage of India and its republican state and projecting it as brutal and tyrannical. The terrorist-cum-secessionist machine is financed and manned by the notorious ISI of Pakistan which is seen as the hub of terrorism and religious discord all over the world. The dominant design and motive of the dis-information campaign is to segregate and wean away Kashmir from the constitutional sovereignty of India and establish it as a Muslim state governed by the Islamic law and precedent. The cruel expulsion of microscopic minority of Hindus through torture, murder and inhuman brutalisation was strategically executed with this end in eye-scape.

The ISI fabricated and funded propaganda machine, the two worthies are urged to know, is equally geared to the much publicised project of reviving the Muslim caliphate lying in the dust-bin of history with Kashmir as its integral part and constituent. The war unleashed by Pakistan with active complicity and participation of genocidal killers in Kashmir is manifestly religious in hue and content. Its destination is ascendancy, supremacy and hegemony of Islam and nightmare for atheists, polytheists, infidels and all types of non-Muslims. It is a Muslim crusade the flanks of which have continuously been replenished and ramparted by the highly motivated terrorist herds from Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Libya et al. The details percolating from the war-theatre in Kashmir provide a clinching evidence to the fact that the militarised Islam has not been chasing political goals alone in Kashmir, but has its sights riveted to the religious objectives too.

It is regrettable that the two worthies, one settled in America and the other in London, appear to have fallen in the dragnet of the same Jihadi machine that as a first step of achievement has wiped out the ancient tribe of Kashmiri Pandits from the soil of Kashmir alongwith its cultural and civilisational land-marks having a Hindu flavour. We as a patriotic community condemn the utterances of the two worthies as treasonous as they fabricate and churn out the same vile formulations and malicious condemnations that are the warp and woof of the ‘Seminar circuit’ piloted by a Pakistani spy, Dr. G.N. Fai and his mercenary cohorts.

We as an externed community heartily appreciate and admire the personal ambitions of the two worthies for having crossed the high seas for greener pastures, but their successes, if any, in distant America and London do not in any manner leverage them to have gut-hatred for the country of their genesis where their essential roots and cultural foundations lie. What makes them to be in close chaoots with the sworn enemies of India who spare no efforts to break it and fragment it for a second partition? We do not mind if they put on the high-brow airs of liberals and neo-liberals, but that never invests them with an intrinsic right to grossly abuse the democratic space available to them in their land of nativity by denouncing the very idea of India, its sovereignty over its territories and its militaries and para-militaries engaged in defending its historical borders. How is it that they in their solomonic wisdom pontificate that India is a geography, not a nation-state and hence any irate insurgent with a gun in hand can hive off its sacrosanct territories?

Moreso, it is mind-boggling that the two worthies, seem to be audacious enough in upholding, supporting and disseminating the terrible views of the terrorists and secessionists operational in Kashmir who have been waging a Jihadi war against the Indian state for horrendous destinations. It is also quite strange that their views, statements and formulations are mostly founded on myths and yarns that are disseminated from multifarious rumour-sites that have mushroomed in Kashmir. What they have churned out is false and malicious propaganda that has no factual basis.

As is revealed by the contents of the two write-ups it becomes apparent that the worthies have meekly chosen to tread upon the dirt-track of disgraceful capitulation to the genocidal killers in Kashmir and their cohorts wherever they be with a view to earning temporary reprieve for whatever tangible or intangible assets they have in Kashmir. If our experience in Kashmir can be their guide, they cannot save their assets of any form, name, fame, land and house for the very name-tag that they are burdened with qualifies them for loot, murder, grab, desecration and effacement superlatively.

It is intriguing that the two worthies maintained absolute silence, dipped themselves in ‘dyan-mudra’ or shut themselves up in a canary island when the genocidal killers perpetrated medieval barbarities and cruel savageries on hapless Kashmiri Pandits and their women-folk. Have they ever thought it apt and obligatory to fathom out the names of Sarla Bhat, Girija Tiku, Babli Raina, Rupawati Bhat, Prana Ganjoo et al from the gory book of savagery that the genocidal killers in Kashmir have written? Sarla Bhat was kidnapped, raped for days on end, tortured and put to bullets and thrown on the road-side. Girija was cut into two equal halves on a wood-chopping machine and given a burial. Babli was raped in presence of her children and whole family and thrown into the river Vitasta. Rupawati, an old lady, was tortured to death. Prana Ganjoo was raped and tortured and hurled into the river Vitasta.

I am not writing it to invoke anybody’s pity, much less of the two worthies, NRIs, who are in the business of high-pitched advocacy of human rights of those who are the worst violators of human rights of Kashmiri Pandits, the natives of Kashmir.

Suvir Koul on his grand-parents

In his outrageous write-up Suvir Koul has made a frequent mention of his grand-parents, but has not revealed their names. Prof. Jaya Lal Koul, the author of the classic on Lalla Ded, is his paternal grand-father and Prof. Shyam Lal Dhar, soft, suave and learned, is his maternal grand father.

Prof. Koul was a literary luminary of Kashmir who has made tremendous contributions to the Kashmiri literature. ‘Studies in Kashmiri’ is his magnum opus. His translation of the Kashmiri opera ‘Bombur Yambarzal’ written by Pt. D.N. Nadim and Mr. Noor Mohammad Roshan was unique. He was the first secretary of the State Academy of Culture, Arts and Languages when it was set up under the provisions of the state constitution. As a brilliant professor of English he had taught nearly two generations in Kashmir and was held in high esteem.

To up-date Suvir Koul’s knowledge about his paternal grand-father I feel constrained to write that when the Professor died of cancer outside his home state, no condolences were offered and no obituaries were written. Why? He was a Kashmiri Pandit.

About Prof. S.L. Dhar, Sudha Koul, the authoress of the Tiger Ladies, writes that he had to give up his teaching assignment in a college when Muslim students in his class shouted that they would like to have Muslims as their teachers. The Professor of old genre, as an epitome of culture and learning was shocked for he had no communal considerations while teaching his learners. This type of stark communalism had its old roots in Kashmir. Those who overlook it or brush it under the carpet are the proverbial ostriches. In fact, the present political problem in Kashmir has its first origins in devastating Muslim Communalism.

Suvir Koul on 1953 developments

Sheikh Abdullah was a charismatic leader who lent his absolute support to the accession of the state to the dominion of India. But, he had his personal ambitions too which could not be fully accommodated within the democratic imperatives of the State of India. He was seen trangressing the delineated powers that were vested in him as the Prime Minister of the state and those beings the cold war days he was deposed. Political power was not handed over to a Hindu. It was the Sheikh’s deputy, a Muslim who rose to the helm after having been duly elected by the representative assembly constituted on the basis of adult-franchise. Sheikh Abdullah as is well-known was deft in real-life politics. He forged an accord with Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India and took over the reins of government in 1975. He voluntarily became a part of the same constitutional frame-work that he himself had pioneered. The changes and modifications that the successive representative assemblies had brought about in the constitutional provision of the detestable Article 370 were completely endorsed by the Sheikh as the Chief Minister of the State.

Sheikh Abdullah had his own inherent failings which clouded his vision as an impeccable secularist. He delivered a life-time shock to Kashmiri Pandits when he in his autobiography dubbed and denounced them as ‘agents and spies’ of India.

Suvir Koul is absolutely wrong to say that Sheikh Abdullah had tried to furrow an alternate track of politics for changing the status-quo of the state. Sheikh was conscious of the disastrous perils that were involved in it for all the ethnic groups in the state. He was on terra firma of historical realities. He could not opt for Pakistan where he was existentially in danger of getting exterminated. He had certainly exhibited an inclination for independence, but Pakistan would not allow it.

Suvir Koul on accession of the state to the Union of India

The worthy Indian-American claims to have changed his world-view on J&K’s accession to the Union of India after having gone through the tomes of history germane to the subject. Could he be asked about the titles that he has studied which have brought about sea-changes in his views on accession? The first principle of research is to reference his averments that he is audacious to make. There are numerous works that have been craftily sponsored by Pak foreign office only to distort the facts about accession. There is a lot of trash that has been churned out by the supporters of terrorists and secessionists in Kashmir. Koul seems to have fallen a prey to such distorted and unhistorical materials. It is his bounden duty as an Indian, if he feels that, he is one, to look for the relevant-materials available in genuine works on Kashmir history. And he will come to learn that Maharaja Hari Singh’s accession to India is full, final, irrevocable and flawless.

The worthy professor appears to be heavily prejudiced when he holds India responsible for non-conduct of plebiscite in Kashmir. It was actually Pakistan that deliberately sabotaged the plebiscite process by not vacating the territories that the tribal raiders from Pakistan had aggressed and forcibly occupied. It was a pre-condition for the conduct of plebiscite in Kashmir. To dispel his gross ignorance and deep-seated bias the learned worthy should rummage the American libraries for the said-resolution of the Security Council.

Suvir on Pro-Pakistan elements dis-allowed to fight-elections

Suvir Koul is an Indian by birth, but is obsessed with pro-Pakistan elements who he believes are debarred from fighting elections in Kashmir. Firstly there is no directive, order or ordinance by the state government or by the Election Commission of India that has debarred pro-Pakistan elements in the state from joining the electoral fray. Secondly, the pro-Pakistan elements are so weak in numbers and political prowess that they always shy away from elections lest they should get exposed as paper tigers. Ali Shah Gilani, a foreign settler in Kashmir and a rabid Muslim bigot, has been a member of the Legislative Assembly umpteen times. In Mir Qasim’s time Jamaate-Islami, a notorious pro-Pakistan outfit, had not fewer than eight members in the Legislative Assembly of the State.

Suvir Koul on his visit to Ganpatyar Temple, Srinagar

Prejudice and malice against the militaries and para-militaries of our country gets explicitly reflected when the worthy writes about his visit to the Ganpatyar Temple in Srinagar. The fact is that the forces were deployed for the safe-guard and protection of the temple when the Muslim terrorists subjected it to a missile attack from across the river. They have saved the temple from desecration and destruction, otherwise it would have met the same fate of 550 temples that have been desecrated, vandalised, demolished and laid waste by the rabid vandals and ‘lawless lizzards’ that have been prowling about the land of Kashmir since 1989. The para-militaries have a right to worship in their own mode and method and the gods that they invoke are not different from our religious lore and learning. The worthy is ignorant of the fact that Kashmir had tremendous impact of Vaishnavism which has impulsed our art, archeology and sculpture. His deliberate usage of ‘Hundutav’ is not only repulsive, but condemnable too.

Suvir Koul on militarisation

It is sheer saddening that Suvir Koul has joined chorus with the treacherous detractors of India who do not spare a moment from maligning our national armies. The real ire and grudge against our armies as tom-tommed by the Jihadi machine is because it has been frustrated and nearly defeated in its malicious designs of severing Kashmir from India. Sovereign countries have a right to defend their borders against aggression from their enemies. India was aggressed by Pakistan four times so far. Then, we have security threats looming large from China. Pakistan has unleashed a proxy-war in Kashmir and there has been infiltration going on incessantly for the last twenty years. It is the constitutional duty of the national government to defend the country from the external enemies.

Have Suvir Koul and men of his ilk guts and gumption to question the deployment of American forces to Iraq and Afghanistan ? If they dare do so, they will be deported next day lock, stock and barrel.

Suvir Koul on the rape of a Gujjar girl

The worthy has highlighted the case of a Gujjar girl who as per him was raped by para-military soldiers. It is a story, a fib and a yarn that has been dinned into his ears by the Jihadis or their committed supporters. I would like the worthy to divulge the name and address of the girl and the exact place where she was raped. His contention will hold ground only after he produces clinching and unassailable evidence. In absence of it he can be projected as a credulous person who readily believes in what he is told. The professor should know Kashmir has been a land of story-tellers. That is how we produced a voluminous work like ‘Kathasaritsagar’. When hapless Kashmiri Pandits were put to bullets in broad-day light, fabulous stories were yarned to malign them as ‘mukhbirs, spies and agents’ of India and everybody believed them uncritically.

Muslim stories to Suvir Koul appear more painful than Kashmiri Pandit Stories

Let the worthy be told that the Muslims have no stories to relate except that they have been a part of the insurgency that was inspired, conceived and executed by ISI of Pakistan. They were made to believe that Muslim Jihad had the blessings of Allah and hence was sure to succeed. The Jihadis trained in camps across the borders and laced with sophisticated guns were intellectually poor and had no estimations of the strength of the country they were pitted against. In religious frenzy the Muslims donated their sons to Muslim Jihad who crossed the borders to Pakistan for arms training. When pushed back into the Indian territory for loot, murder, sabotage and destruction, the militaries and para-militaries eliminated a good number of them. The insurgency has made them rich, nay fabulously rich and that is how they have purchased those properties of Pandits, which they could not grab. Pakistani moneys, hawala moneys, moneys sent as remittances from West and Middle-East and Indian moneys, loot of the state exchequer & absolute sway over the State and Central finances they say, have made them affluent and prosperous beyond the conceivable limits.

And, Mr Professor, the story of the Kashmiri Pandits is sad and painful. They have been subjected to a genocide, Jewish-style. They were targeted as individuals or as a group with an express intent of total annihilation and extermination. The methods chosen for annihilation have been hanging, burning alive, strangulation by steel wires, dragging to death, drawing of blood in hospitals, branding with red-hot iron-bars, slaughter, gouging of eyes, breaking of limbs and impaling. Their houses have been mercilessly looted, ravaged and put to arson. Nearly, twenty thousand houses have been destroyed and their materials looted. Five hundred and fifty temples have been desecrated, ravaged and destroyed. All Kashmiri Pandit habitations whether in the capital city of Srinagar or in distant villages and hamlets have been decimated. They are refugees in their own country. They are on cross–roads.

Now, the worthy should decide as to whose story is more painful and agoning.

Suvive Koul on self-determination

The worthy should know that the nation-states do not grant the right of self-determination to their federating constituents. The colonies that were held under the thraldom for exploitation and loot of resources by the imperialist powers clamoured for right of self-determination. This is how it gained currency with the people in the colonies that struggled for freedom and prosperity. India is not a clonial power. She has not subjugated people of other countries and is given to looting their resources.

Kashmir is a constituent part of the Indian union. It has made strides in the segments of health, education, agriculture, horticulture, trade and transport through the Indian moneys. Poverty is minimal in Kashmir. The present-day quality of life that Kashmiris have gained stands in stark contrast to what it was in pre-1947 era. People then  lived in penury, wore scantily and were on teh brink of starvation and ate.

The people of Jammu and Ladakh have catalogues of grievances against the Kashmiri rulers of Sunni brand. Their grouse is that they have been put to extreme discrimination and denial of funds and finances allocated to the state by the Central government. And they clamour against their colonisation by the state under the siege of Muslims.

Part II

January 2012

Natasha Koul on People of J&K & their aspirations

Natasha Koul, though a Kashmiri Pandit in her origins, has deliberately ignored the heterogeneity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and projected the secessionist aspirations of a small segment of the Kashmiri population as the destiny of the entire state. She should know that Jammu province predominantly secular and democratic is whole-hog for fall integration of the state with the Indian Union and is vehemently opposed to the special status granted to the state under article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

So is Ladakh. It is entirely Buddhist with a sprinkling of Muslim population. The Shia segments of population inhabiting the region of Kargil fully know their fate in the Muslim state of Pakistan where shias are detested and have been under a state-sponsored process of elimination. The foreign settlers in Kashmir from Iran, Turan and Afghanistan are and have been the source of turmoil in Kashmir. They are in siege of the state power and have demolished the native cultural structures and motifs and fed and reared a brand of politics based on obscurantism and religious bigotry. It is they who donated their sons to Muslim Jihad and made it obligatory for the native converts to swell the ranks of Jihadis. The training camps opened by Pakistan military imparted them training in wielding leth weapons and funded the Jihadi groups formed at its behest. After having crossed into the Indian territory they made the Kashmiri Pandits as their first targets. JKLF killers were the first to wage war on natives of Kashmir and made them flee their homes and hearths. Jihadi aspirations of the foreign settlers in Kashmir are not the aspirations of the Hindus, Shias, Sikhs, Buddhists and large sections of Sunni Muslims of Kashmir. Peace will prevail in Kashmir only when the Jihadi forces in India, Pakistan and other Muslim countries are globally defeated. That is the solution to the present turmoil in Kashmir.

Natasha Koul on Kashmir as national and international problem

Kashmir certainly is a national problem. The patriotic people of the country are in four gears to vanguish the vicious forces that are hell-bent on partitioning the country a second time. The collaborators and mercenaries for petty gains and vested interests have chosen to fall in line and get mobilised for facilitating the Jihadi agenda to fructify. The ‘Seminar-Circuit’ run by Dr. Gulam Nabi Fai, a notorious ISI agent, stands exposed alongwith the Indian collaborators and mercenaries who are in sync with the ISI agenda of fragmenting India as a thriving democratic country. The nationalist forces will certainly defeat the ISI machinations and the Jihadi forces dreaming all the time Kashmir going the Pakistan way. Kashmir assumed an international complexion the day it became and inalienable part of India. The Muslim League led by Jinnah detested by the Kashmiri Muslims did not savour well the accession of the state to India. The considerations were bluntly communal. The tribal raiders invaded the Indian territory of J&K State and indulged in loot, murder and mayhem. The Indian army with the full support of Kashmiri Muslim populations fought the looters and killers to the extent of clearing large chunks of territories under their grab and occupation. India as a civilised country lodged  a complaint in the world-body against the Pakistani aggression on her territory. Cold-war politics enmeshed the entire issues in knots of complications. The world-body has deleted Kashmir from its agenda now.

The issue in Kashmir is mainly Hindu and Muslim, purely communal. If it were not so, why were the Hindus of Kashmir put to a genocide, thus forcing them to run from helter to skelter in search of existential safety and security? The Jihadis were more than conscious that the Hindus had a consistent history of fighting them from day one when they in the garb of sufis forcibly occupied Kashmir and reduced it to an Iranian colony. The  issue has gained prominence at international level when Pakistan, a Muslim state, waged a blatant war on India four times. Despite image-battering defeats, she did not drop Kashmir from its ominous Jihadi agenda. At its behest, Jihadi war has been incessantly going on in Kashmir for the last twenty years. The Kashmir issue, Madam Natasha, is nothing but communal and that is the only paradigm, through which it is to be seen and evaluated and strategies to be forged to defeat the religious war for disintegration of India.

Natasha Koul on history of Kashmir

It is a fact of history that parts of the state of Jammu and Kashmri are under an illegal occupation of Pakistan. It is also a fact that Pakistan treacherously ceded a portion of the state’s territory to China only to fortify and buttress its relations with that country. It is universally known that China too has grabbed large belts of the state’s territories through a treacherous war waged on India in 1962. The territories that historically belong to the state of Jammu and Kashmir have been under an illegal occupation of both China and Pakistan, now in an unholy alliance to offset the growing influence of India on international scale. The two states occupying Indian territories cannot be granted justification through ambivalence of not putting the whole issue to a rational judgment.

The learned writer has alluded to the foreign dynasties that have ruled over Kashmir in the past. She has named Mughal and Afghan dynasties but has not knowingly mentioned the Shahmiri dynasty which was as foreign to Kashmir as Mughal and Afghan dynasties were. Dogras, she says, purchased Kashmir from the Sikhs. But, she deliberately avoids to mention that a Shahmiri ruler divided the entire territory of Kashmir as his fiefdom among three Muslims, who were foreign occupiers of sacred land of Kashmir. Historical judgments always falter when they are made on the basis of some isolated periods of history.

How was the British partition-plan messed up in Kashmir? The powers to accede to the dominions of India and Pakistan were vested in the ruler of Kashmir, who, of course, was a Hindu. In view of Pakistan out to grab his state through aggression, he signed the  accession document in favour of India. Kashmir certainly was a Muslim majority state but the fact should not be ignored that the majority population supported the Maharaja for having acceded to India. Sheikh Abdullah was the leader of the anti-autocracy movement in Kashmir which had the full support of the whole population of India minus the Muslim League. Those who dissented fled to Pakistan. The Kashmiris, by and large favoured democratic politics and that is why the state of Jammu and Kashmir became a territory of the Indian state.

The Jihadis at the behest of Pakistan opened the secessionist agenda with mosques as its pivotal centres and the slogans that were blurted out were blantantly communal. 1989-90 events were highly shocking that the native Muslims who had supported the Indian accession could turn stark communal and be a part of the insurgency with micro-minority of Kashmiri Pandits as their essential and prime target. As of now, the Jihadi war has an overt communal agenda with its sights riveted to the establishment of a Muslim state in Kashmir.

Natasha Koul on accession of J&K State to India

The learned writer of the write-up, Natasha Koul, is deeply ignorant of the developments that led Maharaja Hari Singh to accede to India. How was the Maharaja forced to accede to India? can she establish it on the basis of genuine historical facts? To make statements about facts of history without quoting genuine references is totally absurd. Maharaja had practically unrestrained powers to make a decision about the issue of accession of his state to either of the two dominions. The aspirations of the people were taken due cognizance of. The broad masses under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah were supporting the decision of the state’s ruler. The issue was raised and opened again by the Jihadis operating under the aegis of ISI of Pakistan. Terrorism was exported to India with a view to bleeding it for purposes of weaning away Kashmir from the constitutional sovereignty of India. Jihadi war going on in Kashmir has been a melange of terrorism and worst brand communalism and parochialism.

Natasha Koul on removal of governments in Kashmir

It is a statement mired in generalities, vague and ambiguous. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is part and parcel of Indian democracy which has been maturing over the years. The state of J&K never had un-representative governments. The Sheikh as the tall leader of Kashmir was constitutionally removed during cold-war days and his successor was a Muslim who was super dynamic and led the state to new milestones of progress and development. The governments of Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq and Syed Mir Qasim were very much representative and were so liberal as to allow a communal organisation like Jamaat-e-Islamia  to thrive and broaden its popular base. Both Sadiq and Mir Qasim were not impositions from New Delhi. They were stalwarts who too had their entrenched history in politics of Kashmir. The aberrations cropped up during the rule of Farooq Abdullah who did not prove deft in ruling the state with the dexterity and sagacity of a politician.

Natasha Koul on Kashmir as a conflict zone

The question is not that Kashmir is a conflict zone. The fact remains, yes, it is a conflict zone. But what needs a attention and emphasis is which forces reduced it to a conflict zone. It is the Jihadis from Kashmir, Saudi Arabia, Afgahnistan, Libia, Syria, Egypt et al who were launched into Kashmir from launching-pads in Pakistan. They have reduced Kashmir to a veritable hell, have killed and murdered people for no fault of theirs, displaced the Hindu minorities after infliction of genocide on them, raped and brutalized their women-folk and put the houses of minority Hindus to cruel flames of fire and arson. The learned author of the write-up is deliberate in over-looking the destruction of sprawling habitations of Kashmiri Pandits in cities and villages. She will get shell-shocked to see the charred ruins of such habitations if she takes a chance to place herself in the middle of the Habbakadal bridge in Srinagar and start looking on two sides of the river Jhelum. If she has some grains of sensitivity in her personality and thinking structures, she will realise the scale of destruction that the Jihadis have perpetrated on minorities in Kashmir.

Natasha Koul on Army intervention in Kashmir

The cruel killers, Jihadis in religious parlance, could not be allowed free rope to reduce Kashmir to stone age. Which country in the world will allow it? She should look to Libya and Syria and see the Muslim dictators killing their own Muslim subjects though the protests are not that lethal as we have witnessed in Kashmir. The Indian security forces have been on the borders of the state since 1947. There were no interventions on their part into the civilian life till 1989-90. But, when security situation in the state deteriorated, the Central government was within its rights to deploy forces to defeat the elements out to destroy the integrity of the country. The security forces have not only defended our borders, but also protected the life and property of the civilians who are none but Muslims.

Natasha Koul on Kashmiriat

Without dewelling on the finer points of Kashmiriat, Natasha Koul has made a ridiculous statement that ‘Kashmiriat is self-determination’. Kashmiriat, briefly put, is a symbolic expression of the cultural capital and episteme that Kashmiris as one ethnic group have garnered through their whole course of history. It has nothing to do with self-determination which gained currency and advocacy through the colonial struggles against the imperialist masters. The mischievous hyphenation of Kashmiriat and self-determination as a deliberate act on part of the author of the write-up is only to please her Jihadi masters whom she appears committed to. Kashmiriyat when hyphenated with self -determination is an open support to the enemies of India who are determined to balkanise and fragment her.

Natasha Koul on Imperialist methodologies of ruling the peripheries

Natasha Koul harbouring malice and hatred against the country of her genesis has uselessly theorized on the Imperialist methodology of ruling over the distant peripheries of the colonies. It does in no way reflect the Indian political system that the country has adopted through constitutional stipulations since independence. It needs reiteration to remind Natasha Koul that India is a federation of states with unitary characteristics. The states, now in India, no matter what their distances are from the central seat of power, enjoy the same political powers that the capital state of New Delhi is invested with. It is absurd to say that India is a colonial power and its methodology of governance is hegemonic and resembles a colonial power of yore.