Transfer newly recruited KP youth to Jammu


Transfer newly recruited KP youth to Jammu : Panun Kashmir

KS Correspondent

June 2012

JAMMU, March 27: Press Brief of the press conference addressed by Panun  Kashmir Gen. Secretary Kuldeep Raina,  Sh. O.N.Trisal senior community leader,Sh. S.K.Kitchloo secretary Panun Kashmir & Sh. Mahesh Kaul secretary publicity and youth affairs Panun Kashmir  at Jammu on 27-03-2012.

Panun Kashmir has been observing the situation in Kashmir valley very keenly and with an open mind since government started to implement Prime Minister’s employment package for Kashmiri Hindus. We are of the firm view that the security situation in Kashmir valley is very fragile and in fact showing a calibrated deterioration.

The raising of pro Pakistan slogans by the trainees from Kashmir valley at the Police Training College at Kathua during the recently held Indo-Pak Cricket match is only an indicator of the grip of secessionism on the minds of even those sections of the society who are joining the mainstream and even aspiring to become the part of the security establishment of the state.

The increased radicalization of the politics and society in Kashmir valley is manifest enough to escape notice of even a casual watcher of the Kashmir scene. The harassment of Christians and Sikhs there has come to the fore many times in the recent months. The experiences of the Kashmiri Hindu employees who joined the new jobs in the valley through the Prime Minister’s employment Package also point towards brazen communalization of the social order there in Kashmir.

The recent terrorist attacks in the valley is only an indicator of the fact that terrorism continues to be the dominating reality there and its rearing head once in a while is only a reflection of the capability of the terrorist regimes to regulate the volumes of the violence at their will . The state police is far from vanquishing the menace of terrorism.

The regional situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan is becoming once again volatile. Jihadi forces have already started projecting the declaration of withdrawal of American forces by 2014 as a victory for Jihad.  Even the moderate sections of media are claiming that Pakistani Army is more or less coming under the control of the dreaded ISI.

In this situation spurt in violence is a distinct possibility. The soft target vulnerability is increasing with each day. Panun Kashmir is aware about the experiences and worries of the Kashmiri Hindu employees who joined in Kashmir valley as per the Prime Minister’s employment package.

Taking note of the deteriorating situation we appeal to the government of India as well as the state government to realize their responsibility and immediately transfer the newly recruited Kashmir Hindu employees to Jammu. We also appeal to the governments in the state and the Centre to make all new appointment as per the Prime Minister’s package in Jammu rather than Kashmir.

Panun Kashmir disapproves of concepts like townships in the valley or developmental zones for the return of Kashmiri Hindus as all such concepts border on denial of their genocide. Panun Kashmir is of the firm view that only a comprehensive reversal of genocide will lead to permanent return.

Panun Kashmir once again cautions the governments at the helm that they have a responsibility to protect its citizens and not lead them to one more disaster. The return plan of the government is only a tragedy in awaiting and the responsibility of any untoward incident will rest squarely on the government.